5 Best Dog Collars for Labrador Retrievers (Reviews Updated 2024)

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While harnesses are increasingly recommended for your Labrador if you are going to take him out on a walk in a crowded area or to a dog park, finding the right collar is also critical! A collar is the place to attach your Labs identification and medical tags, so it is imperative you find a collar that will remain secure. Not to mention, a cute collar can really help your Lab stand out in the crowd!

When searching for a collar for your Labrador, it’s important to look for collars that provide a high-quality material that will be resistant to tears and even chewing! Collars with double stitching as well as a secure D-ring will also serve you and your Lab best. Curious what collar to buy for your pet? Here’s our favorite collars for Labradors.

Best Dog Collars for Labrador Retrievers

Here are our Labrador Retriever dog collar reviews.

1. Yunlep Adjustable Tactical Dog Collar

Yunlep Adjustable Tactical Dog Collar Military Nylon Heavy Duty Metal Buckle

The Yunlep is a military and police enforcement grade collar. This collar provides extreme security for bigger pets like Labradors. This collar is ideal for training.

  • This dog collar is made of high quality material 1000D nylon.
  • A control handle can grab your dog from the collar
  • A magic sticker on the back of the dog collar allows you to put your name on the back of the collar.
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2. Creation Core 3M Reflective Mesh Padded Dog Collar

Creation Core 3m Reflective Mesh Padded Dog Collar Adjustable Nylon Outdoor Adventure Pet Collar

The soft mesh padded collar is made protects your Labrador’s delicate neck. The ergonomic design helps conform to your dog’s neck for the ultimate in comfort. This collar also does not cause wear on your dog’s fur.

  • The nylon wedding has 3M reflective material to ensure good visibility.
  • The O-ring is made of durable Zinc-alloy.
  • Available in five colors and 8 sizes.
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Excellent Elite Spanker Tactical Dog Collar Nylon Adjustable K9 Collar Military Dog Collar Heavy Dut

The Excellent Elite Spanker collar is made of the highest-grade material that will resist wear and tear.  Excellent Elite is so proud of their collars that they offer a 100% quality warranty. All quality-related issues will be met with a replacement or full refund.

  • The design of the handle makes it easy to put your dog on the lead.
  • The tactical K9 collar has a D-ring that can be attached to a dog leash.
  • The dog tactical collar closes with the magic sticker.
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4. TAIDA Durable Adjustable Nylon Dog Collar

Taida Durable Adjustable Nylon Dog Collar, 1 Inch Wide, For Large Medium Dogs

The Taida is perfect for walking and training your labrador. This collar is durable and lightweight, and will not irritate your pet’s skin. And, it comes in multiple colors and sizes to grow with your Labrador.

  • The collar is made of high quality nylon.
  • The metal D ring is chrome coated with durable wear.
  • The black buckle is made of eco-friendly plastic..
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5. Kruz PET Heavy Duty O-Ring Collar

Kruz Pet Heavy Duty O Ring Collar Soft Neoprene Padding

The Kruz collar has a unique fully welded O-ring that allows for easy attachment. The quick and easy release plastic buckle.  The design also ensures a breakaway system that allows you to catch the buckle and refasten before the dog can escape.

  • Kruz features a heavy duty O-ring for a leash and ID tag.
  • The quick and easy release plastic buckles allow for added safety.
  • The tri-glide technology allows for easy adjustment.
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Labrador Retriever Dog Collar Buyer’s Guide

Your Labrador will need a collar to keep all it’s essential information, like any medical tags or identification. Your Labrador will likely wear this collar all the time, so it’s important that when you purchase the collar it is not going to cause stress on your Lab. Wondering what you should be looking for in a collar? We think the ideal collar should have these elements:

Sturdy material

Look for collars made of sturdy material, like nylon, that will withstand daily wear. Watch out for collars that can be easily shred if chewed. Also, look out for collars made of material that can shred easily. Most use their collars to store identification; if your pet escapes and loses his or her collar, that could be the different to getting your pet home.


For your pet’s comfort and safety, look for collars that offer adjustment. There really is no such thing as a one size fits all collar, even with the same breeds, so ensure that your collar has at least one point of adjustment. This way, you can size the collar to perfectly fit your pet–not too tight nore too loose.

Durable stitching

A collar with durable stitching is also essential. Look for collars that have product descriptions that include phrases like, “reinforced stitching.” This will prevent the collar from getting loose and your Labrador from being able to chew on it. In addition, look for collars that have durable stitching around the D-ring. This will prevent the D-ring from dislodging and your pet losing critical materials.

D-ring made of non-rusting material

Make sure that the D-ring or O-ring on your pet’s collar is made from stainless steel or something that won’t corrode or rust easily. It’s likely that your pet’s collar will get wet; a non durable material that can rust or break may also cause your Labrador to lose their identification or even cause injury to your pet.


A collar that is washable is ideal. Look for collars made of nylon or natural materials that can withstand gentle machine or hand washing. This will not only keep your pet smelling fresh, but can also prevent skin irritation.

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