5 Best Dog Muzzles for Labrador Retrievers (Reviews Updated 2022)

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Labradors are famous for being extremely friendly and loyal dogs. These dogs are not known to behave aggressively, but may snap if they particularly believe their owner is being threatened. Labradors may also react aggressively if they are injured, putting veterinary staff and owners at risk for a bite.

Even more, as with any breed, there are some Labradors that may have territorial issues or do not get along well with other dogs, especially if they have had a traumatic background, and for these dogs, a muzzle may be required when bringing the Labrador out in public. If you are in the spot where you need to purchase a muzzle for your Labrador, it’s critical to your pet’s safety and comfort that you select the right muzzle.

Best Dog Muzzles for Labrador Retrievers

Here are our Labrador Retriever dog muzzle reviews.

1. Barkless Dog MuzzleDog Muzzle,soft Basket Silicone Muzzles For Dog, Best To Prevent Biting, Chewing And Barking, Allows Drinking And Panting, Used With Collar

The Dog Muzzle has a humane and ergonomic design. The basket-style muzzle offers all-around protection to Labradors without irritating them. This muzzle even comes with an 8 page guidebook in each package.

  • This muzzle is made of non-smell silicone and is harmless and flexible.
  • A wide open hold allows for easy breathing and sipping.
  • The muzzle can attach with the collar to make sure it will always remain in place.
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2. Birdwell Enterprises Plastic Dog Muzzle

Roll Over Image To Zoom In Birdwell Enterprises Plastic Dog Muzzle With Adjustable Plastic Coated Nylon Headstall Prevents Nipping And Biting Multiple Sizes And Colors Made In The Usa

The Birdwell Enterprises dog muzzle is designed to be lightweight and easy to wear. The muzzle was made of injection molded plastic and has rounded edges for a strong and comfortable fit. And the open basket allows your dog to drink and pant unrestricted.

  • This muzzle is made of a heavy-duty plastic that won’t bend or warp.
  • This muzzle allows the eating of dry food and receiving treats while fully recovering the mouth.
  • Birdwell is handmade in the USA from start to finish.
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3. Four Flags Large, Quick Muzzle

Four Flags Large, Quick Muzzle, Blue

The muzzle is made for large dogs Labrador and is used to reduce the risk of bites. This muzzle was made of strong fabric with webbing-reinforced construction. The adjustable straps help conform to your Labrador’s snout shape.

  • The muzzle is constructed of durable water and dirt resistant nylon cloth.
  • The adjustable straps with a durable quick-release plastic buckle for efficient closure.
  • This muzzle can be quickly placed over your labrador’s mouth for immediate safety.
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4. fertgo Soft Breathable Basket Silicone Dog Muzzles

Fertgo Soft Breathable Basket Silicone Dog Muzzles For Small, Medium And Large Dogs, Adjustable, Ant

Fergo breathable silicone muzzles are made of a tough, yet soft material. Available in multiple sizes, the muzzles help protect your pet as well as the anyone around your pet. These muzzles allow for heat dissipation to allow for maximum ventilation.

  • The basket muzzle uses a silicone basket structure and durable, yet flexible and soft to touch.
  • The wide hole design allows for free eating, drinking and reward training.
  • Users can also adjust the length freely for the perfect fit.
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5. Baskerville Ultra Muzzle

Baskerville Ultra Dog Muzzle

The Baskerville muzzle is the comfortable muzzle that allows your Labrador to pant, drink and treat with ease. This muzzle offers maximum protection for your pet. And, yet the tough and durable comfort allows for longer wear.

  • The Baskerville muzzle can be heat-shaped to fit your Labrador’s unique shape.
  • Thi muzzle is designed to allow dogs to pant, eat or drink.
  • A quick and strong buckle adds security.
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Labrador Retriever Dog Muzzle Buyer’s Guide

Whether you have a dog that is nervous at the veterinarian or groomer, has an injury or is territorial, you may be in the market to purchase a muzzle. Because a muzzle is meant to restrict your Labrador from snapping or biting, it’s important that you consider a few features to ensure your pet’s safety. If you are curious about what the ideal muzzle is for your Labrador, read on to see what we suggest you consider before purchase.

Non-toxic materials

Look for muzzles that are made of non-toxic materials, like natural rubber, silicone or flexible plastic that is BPA free. After all, this muzzle will be right on your pet’s most sensitive areas around the eyes, snout and mouth.

Proper ventilation

It is imperative that the muzzle you select allows your Labrador to pant and breathe freely. Ideally, it will also allow your pet to drink water. This will prevent serious injury to your Labrador; without proper ventilation, a muzzle can overwhelm your pet and even lead to death.

Good visibility

To maintain your Labrador’s sense of calm, ensure that the muzzle allows them good visibility. If the muzzle impacts their eye area, your dog could get overwhelmed or anxious and lash out with even more destructive behavior. Look for muzzles that stop short of the eye area or provide enough adjustment that you can be sure it is not impacting their vision.

Multiple points of adjustment

The ideal muzzle will have multiple points of adjustment to create a custom fit for your Labrador. Some, like the Baskerville muzzle, can be heat shaped to your Labrador’s snout.  Multiple points of adjustment will prevent the muzzle from slipping and your pet causing injury to someone else, or your pet being injured in the process.

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