5 Best Dog Shampoos for Labrador Retrievers (Reviews Updated 2022)

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Along with routine brushing, the proper shampoo can keep your Labrador’s skin healthy and can eliminate excess shedding. While Labradors are healthy dogs, they can suffer from skin issues, including dry or flaky skin, red, itchy or patchy skin or allergic reactions. That is why finding a shampoo that is sensitive to these issues or can actually reduce these issues in your Labrador is imperative.

While Labradors don’t require constant baths, nor should they because it can strip those natural oils, any time your Lab is sweating excessively or gets dirty or is exhibiting skin issues, the proper shampoo is important in the bathing process. Wondering what’s the best shampoo for your Lab? Here’s our top five picks.

Best Dog Shampoos for Labrador Retrievers

Here are our Labrador Retriever dog shampoo reviews.

1. FURminator deShedding Ultra Premium Dog Shampoo

Furminator Deshedding Ultra Premium Dog Shampoo To Reduce Shedding

Featuring calendula and papaya leaf extract, the FURminatordeShedding shampoo will keep you Labrador’s skin soothed and shedding to a minimum. This shampoo can be used monthly as part of a routine grooming regimen. This shampoo promotes a healthy skin and coat.

  • FURminator contains no parabens or chemical dyes.
  • This formula is enriched with Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids.
  • FURminator works to reduce the undercoat of your Lab.
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2. Healthy Breeds Smelly Dog Deodorizing Shampoo & Conditioner

Healthy Breeds Smelly Dog Deodorizing Shampoo & Conditioner With Baking Soda Over 200 Breeds Hy

Healthy Breeds contains natural baking soda to deodorize your dog’s coat, without stripping the dog’s coat of oils. This formula is non-drying and hypoallergenic for even the most sensitive pup. Healthy Breeds is also PH balanced.

  • The ingredients include gentle baking soda, oat and wheat proteins.
  • Added aloe leaf juice soothes sensitive skin.
  • All shampoos are manufactured in federally regulated manufacturing facilities.
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3. Moosh Natural Dog Shampoo

Moosh Natural Dog Shampoo – Promotes Healthy Hair, Coat And Skin. Helps Hot Spots, Dry Itchy Skin, A
Moosh is made from 100% natural ingredients, including argon oil and bentonite clay. This shampoo is created specifically to maintain the delicate balance of your Lab’s skin. Instead of exacerbating delicate skin issues like many, Moosh works to correct skin issues.

  • Argon oil helps reduce bacteria and fungus on the skin.
  • Essential oils leave your pet’s coat smelling fresh.
  • Concentrated formula–one bottle lasts a long time!
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4. Lillian Ruff Dog Oatmeal Shampoo and Conditioner Set

Lillian Ruff Dog Oatmeal Shampoo And Conditioner Set Safe For Cats Lavender Coconut Scent For It

Lillian Ruff provides a gentle, yet effective deep clean. This formula is intended to soothe irritated skin and features natural ingredients. Proudly made in the USA, Lillian Ruff is 100% cruelty free and does not test on animals.

  • Natural oatmeal and aloe soothe your labradors skin, especially if suffering from allergies.
  • The lavender scent is intended to relieve stress in your dog and reduce inflammation.
  • Lillian Ruff also contains coconut oil, which is said to be a flea and tick repellent.
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5. Pro Pet Works All Natural Organic Oatmeal Pet Shampoo Plus Conditioner

Pro Pet Works All Natural Organic Oatmeal Pet Shampoo Plus Conditioner

Pro Pet Works is the veterinarian recommended shampoo plus condition that is specially formulated for pets that have sensitive skin or allergies. With natural, organic ingredients, Pro Pet Works is PH balanced. And organic aloe vera keeps your pet’s skin soothed long after the bath.

  • Pro Pets is free from alcohol, parabens, sulphates, added chemicals or fragrance.
  • Almond oil keeps your pet smelling fresh and soothes even the most sensitive skin.
  • All ingredients are 100% biodegradable.
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Labrador Retriever Dog Shampoo Buyer’s Guide

Labrador’s need love, too! And that may mean in the form of a luxurious grooming experience. If you have an adventurous Labrador that likes to get dirty, or a family pet who every once in a while needs a bath, it’s important that you find the right shampoo for your pet. Human shampoo is a big no for Labradors (or any dog, for that matter), and there are some essential qualities you should consider in a product before you purchase. Here’s what we suggest you look for before purchasing a shampoo.

Natural ingredients

It’s important to consider formulas that have natural ingredients to prevent any allergies, rashes or skin irritations. Look for formulas that have aloe, oatmeal and are free from chemicals like parabens, alcohol or sulfates. Equally as important, avoid shampoos that list “fragrance,” as this can be a hidden way to put chemicals in your pet’s shampoo. Instead, look for shampoos that are fragranced by essential oils.


Labradors do shed; formulas that can help reduce shedding are especially helpful in the Spring! A shampoo that reduces shedding followed by a deshedding of the brush can help keep your home clean and allergens at bay.

For sensitive skin

Labradors have sensitive skin; look for formulas that are gentle and effective and say that they are pH balanced. This will prevent irritation on your pet’s skin and prevent rashes and further irritation!

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