5 Best Harnesses for Corgis (Reviews Updated 2024)

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Originally bred to herd cattle, horses, and sheep, Corgi’s are playful and energetic dogs! Corgis come in two varieties, the Pembroke and the Cardigan, and both breeds are affable and intelligent. These dogs are beloved around the world, and Corgis have been a most favorite companion of Queen Elizabeth, the Queen of England. Corgis are a medium size breed and can reach up to thirty pounds Because their size, personality and energy levels Corgi’s require a harness that is lightweight and will keep them secure and that is constructed of durable materials. Read on for our favorite harnesses for Corgis.

Best Harnesses for Corgis

Here are our Corgi harness reviews.

1. Puppia Dog Harnesses

Dog Harnesses Puppia

Puppia Dog Harness for puppies or small pets have a quick-release buckle that acts as a safety feature and also allows you to quickly put on or remove the harness. The adjustable chest buckle is ideal for puppy corgis and ensures a proper, snug fit. Puppia also ensures that your pet is always clean; this harness is machine washable.

  • The Puppia has an adjustable chest belt and quick-release buckle.
  • Puppia is available in 14 colors and multiple sizes.
  • Puppia is machine washable and air dry safe.

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2. INVENHO Mesh Harness with Padded Vest

Invenho Mesh Harness With Padded Vest For Puppy And Cats No Choke Design Ventilation Gift With One Leash & Seat Belt

INVENHO Mesh Harness clips around the neck and chest; once sizes, this harness can be removed or pulled on with ease. The breathable mesh keeps encourages air flow to keep your dog, but adds extra warmth in the winter. A provided sizing charts helps you select the perfect fit and color for your pet.

  • INVENHO features a breathable mesh material to encourage air flow.
  • The clips hook around both your pet’s neck and chest, allowing for the harness to be both easily applied and taken off.
  • The dimensions of the chest girth are 13.5-17.5 inches and a neck size of 9.5 inches.
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3. Voyager Step-In Air Dog Harness

Voyager Step In Air Dog Harness

Voyager Step-in Air Dog Harness is lightweight and made of breathable air mesh so that your dog does not overheat. Available in an array of colors and sizes, even the smallest pet can find a suitable harness. And, the reflective bands add an extra safety feature for low visibility.

  • The Voyager is available in multiple sizes and 16 colors.
  • The two reflective bands on the sides of this harness enhance your pet’s visibility.
  • This harness is made of a soft, lightweight, breathable mesh.

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4. BINGPET Soft Mesh Dog Harness

Bingpet Soft Mesh Dog Harness Pet Walking Vest Puppy Padded Harnesses Adjustable

The BINGPET soft mesh is made of 100%, breathable polyester. Use the adjustable chest belt to find the most secure fit and the quick release buckle mades putting on and removing this harness a process that takes mere seconds. PErfect for the dog on the go, BINGPET’s extra-small harness will fit even the smallest dog breeds.

  • BINGPET has a quick release buckle and adjustable chest belt.
  • BINGPET is made of a soft air mesh that is 100% polyester.
  • The dimensions of the extra-small measure a chest girth of 9″-13″ and a neck girth of 5″.
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5. Downtown Pet Supply No Pull, Step in Adjustable Dog Harness

Downtown Pet Supply No Pull, Step In Adjustable Dog Harness, Easy To Put On Small, Medium And Large Dogs

The Downtown Adjustable pet harness makes putting on or removing a breeze. With triple security features and double stitched fabric, your pet will stay comfortable and secure, even with excess pulling. And, the padded design ensures no injury on your pet’s vulnerable neck area.

  • This harness can be effortlessly slipped on or off in seconds.
  • The padded design reduces tugging and pulling on the dog’s neck.
  • The triple security features include double stitched fabric, strong velcro closure, and heavy duty metal D-rings.

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Corgi Harness Buying Guide

Corgis have a unique personality and body shape, and these will both factor into what harness you select for your Corgi. Your Corgi’s age and temperament are also factors to consider. Do you have a Corgi that pulls? A mesh harness might be idea to prevent choking. Alternatively, if you have a puppy or a senior Corgi, the mesh harness may provide some extra warmth on colder days.

Multiple Points of Adjustment

Finding a hardness with multiple levels of adjustment ensures the most secure fit and also the most comfortable. Because Corgis are long and low to the ground, a harness that is mesh or offers multiple points of adjustment will provide the most secure fit. If you have a Corgi puppy, look for a mesh harness that can grow with your dog.

Secure Buckles

Even though Corgis aren’t as large as a typical working dog, their breed is very strong. Look for buckles that are made of metal or high-quality plastic. Because Corgis love to run around and can be quite quick, you won’t want to rush your Corgi’s buckles come undone in a busy park.


It is important to determine the type of harness your Boxer will be comfortable putting on and removing. There are two main types of harnesses:

Body Mesh/Step In:

The mesh or step in harnesses typically tends to cover more of the body of your dog. Here, the dog steps into the harness and it is then adjusted into it. Because Corgis are highly energetic dogs, they may have a tendency to overheat. A mesh harness will provide maximum breathability and air flow for your Corgi, keeping your pet cool. These mesh harnesses will also keep your pet warm during the cooler months.

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