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Border SpringerThe Border Springer is a mixed breed dog resulting from the crossing over the Border Collie and the English Springer Spaniel. Like all other hybrids, it is a modern dog with a little-known history, and we interpret its personality traits by seeing its parents’ characters’ information. It is a friendly, excited, and affectionate dog available in a medium size.

We cannot confine the exact appearance of Border Springer as it is going to look like the parent whose parents were dominant in the gene pool. Being one of the friendliest pups you will ever meet, this designer dog is the best fit for your home. Look no further if you were in search of a companion dog. Here we have all the information about this pup which you want to know!

Border Springer History

One side of the Border Springer parent, the Border Collie, originated in the border between Scotland and England. Known for its intense sight, this dog was widely used to herd sheep and flocks. It is a famous AKC-recognized breed with a high level of energy.

In sharp comparison, the English Springer Spaniel originated in Spain. It is thought to be an ancient breed that was present in pre-Christian Britain. The proof that supports this theory is the name of this dog written in Wales’s law documented around 300 AD as this dog spring upon the prey swiftly, so it got “Springer” in its name. It was a famous show dog widely used to spring (flush) or start a game.

Border Springer Characteristics

The appearance of Border Springer is again a mix of both the parents. Typically, this hybrid has a medium size with a long or short double coat. With the longer coat, the fur spread all over the ears, tail, legs, and chest. Read on to know more about this hybrid.

How Big to Border Springer Get

Your Border Springer weighs 25-50 lbs. at the withers. On the flip side, the height of this designer dog ranges from 18-22 inches. The female doggy is slightly smaller than its male fellow.

How Long Does Border Springer Live

Expect your Border Springer to live a healthy life of 12-14 years but only when you are giving proper care. If there is negligence in your pup’s grooming, diet, and health requirements, then a year or two would be minimized.

How Much Does a Border Springer Cost

There may be a huge contrast in the prices of purebred dogs, but the hybrids usually have the range of around $1000. Ensure that the breeder gives a strong lineage proof and a health clearance certificate of the Border Springer.

Border Springer Temperament/Personality

This Border Collie and the Springer Spaniel’s mix is a very intelligent, protective, and joyful dog. Its temperament is also coming from both parent sides, lovable, loyal, and friendly companions making this dog an epitome of love and loyalty. Look no further if you were in search of a companion dog that is also active.

Border Springer tends to be an active dog that will go well with an active owner. It never minds going on hiking, walking or jogging with you. The people with high energy levels make a great bond with this dog. It doesn’t prove to be a wonderful companion but also an obedient working dog.

Concerning its behavior with the children, it is calm, polite, and gentle while interacting with them. We still recommend you to be around during this interaction as we must always be cautious of its herding and hunting instincts. We rate this lovable dog to be one of the most adorable hybrid dogs.

Caring for Border Springer

The Border Springer is an active canine needing lots of room to exercise. These energy levels demand an adequate amount of healthy diet and exercise. The heading mentioned below takes these points further.

Border Springer Nutrition

Although all the Border Springer hybrids’ diet is not going to be the same because their weights and sizes vary, a general estimate of this dog’s average size and activity requirements is 2.5 to 3 cups of dry dog kibble in a day.

How to Groom a Border Springer

Like its parent breeds, the Border Springer has low grooming requirements. It is a moderate shedder; hence brushing its hair twice a week is sufficient. Bathing must be occasional and frequent to help your dog retain its body oils. Besides hair brushing and bathing, other grooming needs are nail clipping, teeth brushing, and regular ear cleaning of your dog.

Border Springer Activity Levels

The Border Springer has high energy levels requiring a lot of activity to burn off this energy. Give it at least 30 hours of good exercise daily for physical fitness. For mind stimulation, play fetch games, hide and seek with your canine or provide it with puzzle toys.

Caring for Border Springer

Border Springer is a very affectionate dog that seeks your attention. Take its good care by giving a good quality diet. Make sure to fulfill its activity needs and give it your time as much as possible.

This breed does best in large areas and mild climates, so don’t keep it in apartments and save it from harsh temperatures. Moreover, train your pup at a very early age using positive reinforcement and motivation.

Border Springer Health

Hybrid dogs are healthier, but like all living beings, they can develop genetic health problems. In the same way, your Border Springer might be predisposed to elbow dysplasia, hip dysplasia, eyes infections, skin allergies, and epilepsy.

There is a good tiding that you can prevent your pup from having any of these diseases. The question arises that how is t possible, and the answer is so simple. Take your dog regularly to a veterinary doctor as a regular checkup can help avoid diseases or can cure immediately if the dog got one.

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