Bully Basset Dog Breed Information – All You Need To Know

Bully Basset Dog Breed Information All You Need To KnowThe Bully Basset is, in essence, a buffed-up Basset Hound. It has the looks and personality to have heads turning wherever it goes. This handsome Breed has not only the beauty but also the brains to go with it. The best thing about this Breed is its naughtiness. It will have you smiling in a few minutes whenever it’s around you. To understand the beauty of this Breed more progressively and in detail, read on with us.

Bully Basset History

Like the numerous other hybrid breeds, the Bully Basset has a clouded history. How do we understand this Breed, then? Easy, we try to understand its parents. The Basset Hound is a small breed that has long been thought to be related to the St.Hubert Breed. According to some sources, this Breed was purely accidental because of a mutation. Over time it became desirable and was bred deliberately because of its manageability and superior tracking skills. The Breed made its way to England from France in 1874. Here it quickly gained leverage and rose to fame. T

The Bulldog is a name that you and I both know. It doesn’t need an introduction. To elaborate upon this Breed’s essence, we understand that it was first introduced in the 1800s in England. Its parents are thought to be the Mastiff and the Pug. The Breed inherits the determination of the Mastiff and the size of the Pug. The Breed became much tamer after bloody sports were outlawed by the end of the 1800s. Currently, it is in the top 10 most popular breeds in the United States.

Bully Basset Characteristics

The Bully Basset is the offspring of two very diverse breeds. This point is essential because most of its defining features are dependent on the dominant blood. The coat of this Breed will most likely be medium to short in length and smooth. The color can vary between Pied, Fawn, and White. It will have the stockiness of the Bulldog and the finesse of the Basset Hound. The head is slightly oversized, while the ears are floppy.

How Big do Bully Basset Get

The Bully Basset is a medium breed. Its proportions can more than amply back that statement up. The height of the Bully Basset will at max be 16 inches and at the minimum will be 12 inches. The weight of this Breed will be between 50 and 65 lbs for males and between 40 to 60 lbs for females.

How Long Does Bully Basset Live

The happy-looking Bully Basset, unfortunately, has a relatively short lifespan. The value for its life can vary significantly between 8 and 12 years based on various factors. These factors include the frequency of medical care, the suitable diet plan, and the amount of love.

How Much Does a Bully Basset Cost

The Bully Basset is an unknown breed at this point, but its parents are well known and rare to a certain degree. Due to this reason, the Bully Basset will cost you a sum between 1000 and 200 dollars. This value will change depending on the pedigree of the Breed, specifically its health and lineage.

Bully Basset Temperament/Personality

The Bully Basset is just like its size, a mellow breed. Normally you would expect a Bulldog hybrid to exhibit a slight aggressiveness, but this isn’t the case for this Breed. It’s a family and pet-friendly Breed that is soft enough to remain safely alongside children. We would still recommend having it socialized to eliminate any signs of incompatibility with other pets from an early age.

Training it can be slightly off-putting because of its stubbornness. You will need a firm and consistent training routine to keep it in check. This is one of the reasons why I wouldn’t recommend it for first-timers. The Breed, apart from that, is lovely to have in the house. It may also develop separation anxieties if you remain away from it for long periods.

Caring for Bully Basset

The Bully Basset is a short little guy with a lot of love to give it out. This fragile Breed will need your attention and care to help retain its functions.

Bully Basset Nutrition

The Bully Basset is a breed with considerable space in its tummy. We would recommend giving it between two to three cups of nutritious, high-energy food. Try not to overfeed it because excessive weight gain can become a significant problem for this Breed.

How to Groom a Bully Basset

The Bully Basset will shed moderately, so if you don’t want hair everywhere in your house, you should brush its coat daily. Use a slicker brush to give it comfort as well as breathability. Bathe it when you sense an unpleasant smell emanating from it. Clip its nails and brush its teeth. Brushing its teeth should be an activity carried out frequently. Finally, it is of the utmost importance to check any folds in its skin for moisture or accumulated dirt.

Bully Basset Activity Levels

The Bully Basset is a moderately active breed. As long as it gets its daily dose, it won’t care about whether it’s in the park or the apartment. Give it at least 45 minutes’ worth of exercise.

Caring for Bully Basset

The Bully Basset is not a low-maintenance breed. Why? Its grooming is more intensive and requires more effort when compared to other species. The socialization part of this Breed is easy to carry out, but the training isn’t easy. Its stubborn nature can become a frustrating aching pain very quickly. In that case, we would recommend remaining firm and consistent. First timer s will have a lot of problems adapting to the moods of this Breed. That’s why we would only suggest this Breed for families or individuals with prior experience regarding pets.

Bully Basset Health

The Bully Basset is a unique breed with two very diverse breeds as its parents. This makes it desirable and cute but also increases the list of its vulnerabilities. The main problems that we know it’s vulnerable to are Patellar Luxation, Ear Infections, Gastric Torsion, Allergies, Hip Dysplasia, Reverse Sneezing, and von Willebrand’s Disease. All of these problems are pretty pesky and irritating.

To keep your boy/girl safe, take it for a quick check-up session with consistency. It doesn’t have to be every other day or even week; just take it for a check-up as often as you can. It will remain resistant to most of these diseases in its prime, but with age comes decay. We would recommend increasing the frequency of check-ups with age. In the end, follow the vet’s orders to keep it healthy and safe.

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