Labernese Dog Breed Information – All You Need To Know

Labernese is produced as a result of a cross between the Labrador Retriever and the Bernese Mountain Dog. It is a large to massive hybrid with a smooth, dense, and usually dark-colored coat. It tends to be a highly intelligent, mellow, and easy-going dog breed that can go very well as a family companion. Nothing best describes him than a smart dog who always seems to carry himself with a lot of confidence. Continue reading to know all about this hybrid.

Labernese History

Labernese Dog Breed Information All You Need To KnowThe exact history of the Labernese remains a mystery as these breeds recently emerged. The parent breed, Labrador Retriever, originally known as St. John’s Dog, originated in Canada during the 1800s. It is a popular dog because of its intelligence, strength, and sniffing prowess. Widely used gun dog and water retriever dog contributes to the narcotics, searches, and rescue departments. We can trace the Molosser (a Mastiff type breed) in the progeny of Labrador Retriever.

The Bernese Mountain Dog is a large-sized dog that originated around the 20th century. It is one of the four Sennenhundtype dogs from the Alpine Mountains of Switzerland. The lineage of this dog goes back to Roman mastiffs, and their immense strength is also coming from there. These dogs were widely used as farm dogs and accompanied the alpine herders and dairymen to pull milk carts. Due to their large vocals, they were and are still used as great watchdogs. The standards of this breed were set in 1912, and the AKC accepted it in 1937. 

Labernese Characteristics

The Labernese is large to a massive hybrid of the two powerful dog breeds. The coat is smooth, dense, and usually dark-colored. However, it came in various color assortments like black, rust, white, and chocolate with bi or tri-colored marking. The body is slightly longer than it is tall, being athletic and muscular. The eyes are almond-shaped with intelligent expressions, while the ears are dropdown.

How Big to Labernese Get

Being a hybrid, the Labernese show variation in weight and height. The males stand around 26-28 inches, while females are 24-26 inches. Besides, the weight is 63-105 lbs. for females, and for males, it ranges between 65-110 lbs.

How Long Does Labernese Live

Labernese have a shorter life expectancy than a large-sized dogs. It can live for about 9-10 years on average. However, you can increase your pup’s longevity by taking proper care. Read on to know the important aspects of this canine’s care.

How Much Does a Labernese Cost

The Labernese puppy has an average price of $600. However, some top breeders and show dog breeders charge more than that as they provide healthy canines with their health clearances. You can also look at your local shelters and rescues for this dog in a low range of $50 to $400.

Labernese Temperament/Personality

Labernese got many of the best personality traits from its wonderful parent breeds. It tends to be a highly intelligent, mellow, and easy-going dog breed that can go very well as a family companion. This pup is hardworking and highly energetic but follows his owner around like a little shadow.

This loyal, canine can be a bit goofy sometimes, especially if they are left alone for extended periods. They may seem strong by appearance, but these pups are sensitive inside. Good with children and other dogs; they need early socialization to polish these skills. On the whole, this hybrid is kind, pleasant, and outgoing that makes an excellent family dog.

Caring for Labernese

You have to take very good care of your Labernese dog like every other pup. It is quite intelligent, which means it can learn bad habits just as easily as a good one, so you must keep up with proper and effective early training. 

Labernese Nutrition

Labernese has great dietary needs, and you can fill it with almost 4 cups of dry dog kibble per day. Proper nutrition will support your dog’s overall health and ensure he gets to have a long and healthy life. Consider these well-known brands for your dog’s care Merrick Dog Food, Natural Balance Dog Food, etc.

How to Groom a Labernese

Just because Labernese is large doesn’t mean he needs to be high maintenance. A couple of brush sessions a week with a fine Dog Brush can keep your pup highly maintained. Bath them once in a while because frequent bathing can strip your dog’s skin from natural oils, causing itching. 

Labernese Activity Levels

Labernese is a highly active dog that only needs about an hour of hectic activity a day. This activity may consist of jogging, obedience trials, training, pulling, playing different games. The right amount of activity not only keeps your dog even-tempered but also fit and healthy. In contrast, lack of activity can result in destructive behavior.

Caring for Labernese

Whether it is a small or larger dog, he needs the same amount of owner’s care and attention. Ensure you train your Labernese with positive, force-free methods as it is the most effective type of training. Avoid using negative training techniques like shock collars, or choke chains, as they can mentally destroy your canine.

Provide healthy food and plenty of clean water. Keep up with regular grooming, and don’t forget to clean the dog’s ears regularly. In addition, never take this large breed outside without wearing a Dog Collar or Leash for Dog that Pull.

Labernese Health

As with any dog, genetic make-up and lifestyle will play a huge part in the health of your Labernese. It is important to buy from a reputable breeder who gives the health clearance of the pup and his parents. The disease common with this hybrid is Bloat, Heart Conditions, Cancer, Ear Infections, Von Willebrand’s Disease, and Joint conditions. You can keep an eye out for these ailments by ensuring your pup’s regular veterinary visit.

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