Rat-A-Pap Dog Breed Information – All You Need To Know

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The Rat-A-Pap is a modern designer breed with Rat Terrier and Papillon genes. Like most other designer breeds, it was conceived in the previous century. What makes the Rat-A-Pap different from other designer breeds is its recognition. You could even say that it is semi-recognized. This small dog is alert, playful, and slightly mischievous. All of these make it a good fit for family life.

However, there still are a lot of things that you must know about the Rat-A-Pap. Hopefully, you will understand everything about the cb and its temperament by the end of this piece.

Rat-A-Pap History

Rat A Pap Dog Breed Information All You Need To KnowThe Rat-A-Pap, as stated above, is a cross between the Rat Terrier and the Papillon. We know about the Rat-A-Pap traits, but we don’t know why or when it was created. Therefore to attempt to understand it, we must look at the history of its parents. The Papillon or Butterfly eared dog mainly developed in France. It has been around for a long time and is making waves in the dog world right now. It belongs to the Spaniel family and was recognized by the AKC in 1915.

The Rat Terrier is a breed with diverse genes. It has Manchester Terrier, Old English White Terrier, Bulldog Terrier, and American Fox Terrier genes. As can be inferred from its name, it was prominently used as a ratting dog. It is famous for clearing the white house of a rat infestation during President Roosevelt’s tenure. The Rat-A-Pap, unlike its parents, has yet to be recognized by any major organization. However, the American Canine Hybrid Club, Designer Dog Kennel Club, and IDCR recognize this dog.

Rat-A-Pap Characteristics

The proportions for the Rat-A-Pap tend to change on gene dominance. Normally the Rat-A-Pap will have a short size and medium-length coat. The colors for this cute doggie vary between White, Brown, Black, Red, and Fawn. The paws are almost too cute and small to be a threat to anyone. The ears of the Rat-A-Pap tend to accumulate moisture and become infected. The eyes of the Rat-A-Pap are usually small and beady.

How Big do Rat-A-Pap Get

The Rat-A-Pap is a small-sized dog. Considering its genes, it’s only natural for it to be small in size. The males and females usually have the same proportions. The mutual height range is 11 to 12 inches. The weight range is also the same for both males and females. Therefore, you can expect them to be 10 to 15 lbs heavy. 

How Long Does Rat-A-Pap Live

The lifespan of the Rat-A-Pap shouldn’t exceed the average 13 years limit. Most Papillon mix-breeds live close to 13 or 12 years of age. The maximum age limit for this breed is, unfortunately, close to 14 years. The minimum age limit exceeds 11 years. These figures are based on the longevity of its parents, which means that they are bound to change.

How Much Does a Rat-A-Pap Cost

Determining a price for a priceless dog like the Rat-A-Pap hardly seems a good choice. However, for the sake of our readers, we can attempt to put a price on the Rat-A-Pap. It isn’t that recognized, so the price should be close to 500 dollars. At max, the price shouldn’t exceed 800 dollars. The expenses, later on, should be close to 1100 dollars per annum.

Rat-A-Pap Temperament/Personality

The Rat-A-Pap shouldn’t have any problems living around humans. In rare cases, considerable abuse or harshness can make it aggressive. Other than that, the Rat-A-Pap thrives on attention and love. Other pets will coexist with this dog if it’s large. Small pets like gerbils and hamsters may have a problem coexisting with this dog.

Training it is slightly problematic compared to other small dogs. The reason for that is a sense of arrogance that it inherits from the Rat Terrier. You will have to be encouraging with this dog for it to learn something. Being positive and intuitive is your best bet at getting it to learn different things.

Caring for Rat-A-Pap

What can you do for your doggie to keep it happy? What can you do as a parent to keep it healthy? All of these questions have been answered in the next few paragraphs.

Rat-A-Pap Nutrition

Small dogs need nutrition appropriate for their size. You are advised to use either Low-Protein Dog Food with a combination of Dog Food for Small Dogs. These will allow your dog to have the right amount of nutrition without undermining its growth. You will also have to supervise it carefully. The Rat-A-Pap tends to gobble up almost anything.

How to Groom a Rat-A-Pap

Keeping the Rat-A-Pap’s coat free and maintained is the main thing. You will have to brush it every other day. On average, brushing its coat three to four times per week is essential. The Rat-A-Pap also needs to be bathed about every two months. You should trim its nails about every three weeks. The nails should be short enough to keep its paws safe from infection. Another thing that you can do for your doggie is to keep its teeth clean. The use of a Toothbrush for Dogs is highly recommended.

Rat-A-Pap Activity Levels

For its size, the Rat-A-Pap is highly active. On average, the Rat-A-Pap needs about an hour of daily activity. If you can’t give it the whole duration at once, then break down the sessions. Whatever you do, don’t ignore its exercise sessions. You will have to give it at least an hour of activity every day. The use of a Dog Treadmill is highly recommended

Caring for Rat-A-Pap

There are certain things that you must do for your doggie. One of these things is keeping its ears clean. Dog Ears tend to accumulate moisture and become infected. There is nothing nastier and more painful than an ear infection. You will have to clean the ears of the Rat-A-Pap after every bath. You should use a proper Dog Ear Cleaner.

Furthermore, keeping it inside of the house is highly recommended. It isn’t a dog that can be ignored for long. It has to be kept within the house and close to you. Allow it to snuggle close to you and lick your face if it’s possible.

Rat-A-Pap Health

Numerous conditions are ready to assault the Rat-A-Pap. The main problems are Patellar Luxation, Glaucoma, Hypothyroidism, Eye Diseases, and Dental Problems. These conditions tend to become problematic if left unchecked for long. But how do you keep a check on the Rat-A-Pap’s health? You can keep the Rat-A-Pap’s health in check by taking it to the vet’s office often. A vet is the only person who can help your buddy with hidden conditions.

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Best Dog Food for Rat-A-Paps

Hill's Science Diet Adult Small Bites Chicken & Barley Recipe Dry Dog Food

The best dog food for Rat-A-Pap is Hill’s Science Diet Adult Light Small Bites With Chicken Meal & Barley Dry Dog Food. This dog food has been developed with a low-calory recipe. It provides a healthy lifestyle to your dog. 

  • Equipped with taurine for healthy vision and cognition.
  • Includes vitamin C, E, and antioxidants for better immunity.
  • Does not include artificial ingredients.

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Best Puppy Food for Rat-A-Paps

Wellness Small Breed Complete Health Puppy Turkey, Oatmeal & Salmon Meal Recipe Dry Dog Food

The best puppy food for Rat-A-Pap is Wellness Small Breed Complete Health Puppy Turkey, Oatmeal & Salmon Meal Recipe Dry Dog Food, 4-lb bag. This puppy food has been developed with oatmeal, salmon meal, and turkey as the main ingredients. It ensures your dog gets better health and nourishment.

  • Contains kibble size for easy eating.
  • Free from health-hazard items.
  • Features DHA, probiotic, antioxidant, and vitamins.

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Best Dog Crate for Rat-A-Paps

Midwest Icrate Fold & Carry Single Door Collapsible Wire Dog Crate

The best dog crate for Rat-A-Pap is MidWest iCrate Fold & Carry Single Door Collapsible Wire Dog Crate. This crate has a fold-and-carry structure that makes it super easy to transport and relocate.

  • Features a divider panel for adjusting size.
  • The slide bolt latches offer higher security.
  • Easy cleaning with the plastic pan.

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Best Dog Bed for Rat-A-Paps

American Kennel Club Extra Large Memory Foam Pillow Dog Bed

The best dog bed for Rat-A-Pap is American Kennel Club Blanket & Burlap Stripes Pillow Dog Bed. This bed has a super soft structure. It offers a very relaxing sleeping experience to your dog. 

  • Equipped with a blanket.
  • Delivers additional warmth with plush material.
  • Stays in a place with a non-skid bottom.

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Best Dog Harness for Rat-A-Paps

Petsafe Easy Walkdog Harness

The best dog harness for Rat-A-Pap is PetSafe Easy Walk Dog Harness. This harness has a unique structure that discourages pulling on the leash. It provides a stress-free walking experience to your dog. 

  • Easy on and off with the straps.
  • No twisting due to the martingale loop.
  • Ensures reliable fitting with four adjustment points.

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