5 Best Dog Brushes for Basset Hounds (Reviews Updated 2022)

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The heavy coat of a basset hound requires frequent brushing to loosen and remove dead dog hair. A random dog brush can’t do much on the packed coat of a basset hound. The coat needs a sturdy yet soft bristle brush to smooth and trim. To prevent loose hair from piling up on the couch or floor after each hound visit, get the pooch a dog brush for a basset hound.

Best Dog Brush for Basset Hounds

Here is our dog brush for basset hounds reviews.

1. Le Salon Essentials Rubber Grooming Brush

Le Salon Essentials Rubber Grooming Brush With Loop Handle

Le Salon Essentials Rubber Grooming Brush is the perfect grooming tool for all basset hounds. The brush is outstanding in shedding loose hair in short-haired basset hounds to enhance an itch-free coat. Make post-bath grooming time a fantastic exercise with the Le Salon Essentials Rubber Grooming Brush, ideal for a clean coat.

  • Loop handle for enhanced grip
  • Rubber brush easy to clean
  • Effective hair removal with short bristles

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2. Hertzko Pet Bath and Massage Dog Brush

Hertzko Pet Bath & Massage Brush Great Grooming Comb For Shampooing And Massaging Dogs, Cats, Small

Hertzko Pet Bath and Massage Dog Brush feature soft strands of rubber that magnets lose hair. It extracts loose hair that usually sheds from a basset hounds coat. The brush features rubber handles for reasonable control, even during bathing or slippery sessions. Hertzko Pet Bath and Massage Dog Brushwork its wonders on dogs of all sizes and coat types.

  • Easy to clean with a water flush
  • Perfect for massage and grooming
  • Comfortable and pleasant on the dog and owner

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3. TANK AND SHERMAN Dog Shampoo Brush

Tank And Sherman Dog Shampoo Rubber Brush – Easy To Clean Dog Bath Brush With Fur Catching Screen –

TANK AND SHERMAN Dog Shampoo Brush permeates deep down to the root of the basset hound coat to remove loose hair. They offer comfortable grips for better control and function even when slippery. The grooming session also massages the pooch with rubber bristles convenient for all coat types.

  • fur screen removal gives the brush total cleaning
  • Ergonomic handle design
  • Amazing dog shedding tool
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4. Furbliss Silicone Dog Brush

Furbliss Dog & Cat Brush For Small Pets With Short Hair Non Metal Grooming Bathing Massaging And Des

Furbliss Silicone Dog Brush instills a calming effect on the coat and nerves of basset hounds. It is a multifunctional grooming tool that not only removes loose hair but also restores the dog’s calmness. The brush calms and massages the pooch’s coat and stimulates better circulation of blood and skin nourishment.

  • Used during baths as well as grooming/ hair removal
  • Recommended for basset hounds of an all sizes
  • Easy to clean

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5. Famobest Silicon Bath and Massage Dog Brush

Famobest Dog Brush & Cat Brush, Soft Silicone Dog Grooming Brush, Pet Bath & Massage Brush For Cats

Famobest Silicon Bath and Massage Dog Brush feature soft silicone bristles that trap all shed hair from the dog coat. The brush doubles as a bath time brush suitable for an exclusive basset hound massage. The silicone soft-grip from both sides provides a perfect clutch for both bath and grooming times. Increase the basset hounds circulation with Famobest Silicon Bath and Massage Dog Brush.

  • Works on dogs of all sizes and coat types
  • Simple to maintain and rid of dander, dirt and trapped hair
  • Useful for preventing skin disease
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Dog Brush for Basset Hound Buyer’s Guide

Here are some vital factors to consider when buying a dog brush for a basset hound:


The design of the brush is a crucial factor to consider as not all brush could loosen and remove the loose hair on a basset hounds coat. This removal is necessary for best health and growth of the hound’s hair. Check for brushes with short strands that packed together in tight arrangements. The bristles reach down into the coat and coax the total length of the hair, pulling out loosened ones in the process.


Buy a brush that has a handle that provides a firm grip to enhance better brushing of the dog’s coat. A basset hound requires thorough grooming, and it would be perfect if you get a good grip on the brush. This excellent grip also enhances the ergonomics of the whole process. No one would want to get blisters while grooming a pet, so go for brushes with comfortable rubber handles.


The easy-clean feature should be among the top factors that affect buying, as cleaning could sometimes be frustrating.

Given the expected amount of hair, an owner would want to get a brush that they can clean and rid of dander. A good brush should be easy to clean and ready for the next grooming exercise.

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