5 Best Dog Crates for Cane Corsos (Reviews Updated 2022)

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An essential product to keep your Cane Corso ‘out of harms way,’ when you have guests round or when your cleaning is a dog crate. It is also an excellent tool to be used in training and effective at deterring your Cane Corso when he is misbehaving. As they are naturally dominant dogs, this will be  necessary as a way of drawing the line and showing them you are boss!

Take into consideration when you are looking for a practical dog crate that it has all the right features, it fits the enormous size and strength of your breed, as well. You have to consider durability over the visual aesthetic look of your Cane Corso’s dog crate, if you want to find something that withstands his strong, heavy build.

Best Dog Crates for Cane Corso

Take a look here at this tailor-made and met list of the best dog crates on the market and make sure you buy the right one to fully detain and withstand your Cane Corso pedigree:

1. AINFOX Heavy Duty Metal Dog Crate

Ainfox Heavy Duty Metal Dog Crate, Large Double Door Folding

Ainfox have created an excellent, heavy-duty XXL dog crate to withstand your Cane Corso with optimum potential. The high-grade, hammertone-finished stainless steel solid frame has a secure locked door, lockable wheels and a convenient pull out tray for cleaning aid.

  • High-quality thick stainless steel frame
  • Large and spacious with a well-ventilated frame design
  • Holds up to 110lbs
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2. Gelinzon Heavy Duty Dog Crate for Large Dogs, 42”

Gelinzon Heavy Duty Dog Cage Stainless Steel Strong Metal Kennel And Crate For Large Dogs

Following our range of heavy-duty metal frame designs, this dog crate made by Gelinzon is made of the strongest rust-resistant steel that has a door with a double-secure bolt lock. The four wheels on the bottom have optimum mobility with a full 360 degree rotation locking system.

  • Strong, resilient stainless steel frame coated with a non-toxic finish
  • Easy to clean removable tray from underneath
  • Superior mobility with innovative 360 degree rotation locking system on the wheels
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3. Decorative Large Indoor Pet Crate / Side Table

Internet's Best Decorative Dog Kennel With Pet Bed Small Dog

An excellent multipurpose dog crate for your Can Corso, which blends in perfectly to your home interior as a dual-form  furniture piece and table. This extra large wooden crate with ventilated grate windows has a convenient door with a lock and latch for tight security. Available in classic brown and white

  • Multifunctional luxurious home wear design
  • Ventilated steel frame windows
  • Includes 2 exits and a double door with a latch lock
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4. MidWest Crate for XXL Dog Breeds

Midwest Homes For Pets Xxl Giant Dog Crate

The XXL dog crate made by MidWest is perfectly ventilated and comfortable for your Cane Corso to rest in. Easy to assemble with a drop-pin construction design and two convenient entrance and exit doors with a large, removable tray, big enough to fit a dog bed.

  • Drop-pin construction, which is secure and easy to assemble
  • Removable tray for cleaning aid
  • Roller wheels for a soft manoeuvre against floor surface

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5. ecoFLEX Pet Crate/End Table

Ecoflex Pet Crate

The eco-friendly, multi-purpose furniture dog crate designed by ECOFLEX is made of non-toxic recycled plastic-wood that is extra durable and resistant. It has a secure double lock on the door and a removable tray to assist with cleaning any accidents.

  • Made of recycled polymer plastic-wood
  • Multi-functional furniture piece design
  • Removable tray for assisted cleaning

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Cane Corso Dog Crate Buyer’s Guide

The design of your dog crate should fit all the right requirements to keep your large and physically strong Cane Corso tight and secure inside. A heavy-duty solid frame  made from the strongest and most durable materials will be necessary in withstanding their heavy load, as well as moments when they may knock about and move erratically. You have to ensure their comfort, as well as practicality in being able to hold their large, heavy frame. Crates with wheels are easy to move around and stationary crates can come in a great variety of visually aesthetic multi-purpose furniture sets with convenient lockable doors that open into a crate.


In order to fulfil their functionality a dog crate for a Cane Corso is going to be made out of the strongest, most hard-wearing of materials. Metal crates should be made of high quality stainless steel with a non-toxic rust resistant coating to ensure long-lasting, durable protection. A quality- tested design that will stand the test of time. If you are going to opt for one of the furniture piece dog crates then take an eco friendly plastic-wood deign to optimize comfort and again durability.

Extra Features 

Dog crates come with a variety of extra features to make your life more convenient. Your Cane Corso may have an accident, if he’s nervous or locked in the dog crate for long periods of time, which is not really recommended. However, in the case you need to wash or clean any accidents or general dirt and sweat, which will build up over time. All you have to do is slip out the metal tray from underneath and take to wash and easily slot it back in again. Metal dog crates tend to come with an easy-mobility feature including wheels underneath. The most efficient doors will have double locks and in some cases your dog crate may come with a convenient extra door.

Size and shape 

When shopping for a dog crate for your Cane Corso you most definitely have to shop in the XXL range. Take time to look at the size and measurements of the chart and see that it matches the majestic size that your pedigree will grow up to, which is typically 23-28 inches high, leaving space for him to move around freely. Again the size charts will tell you the weight that the crate holds and they will have to ensure it can withstand up to 110lb. In general your dog crate will come in a long rectangular shape and especially high.


Your Cane Corso dog crate is relatively easy to assemble as it builds to a simple rectangular shape. In some cases the metal frames come with a drop-pin construction, which allow for the crate to be built easily by slotting one piece into another till you complete the square like frame. Be sure to assemble with care to see that all the bolts are screwed in tight if the dog crate comes with instructions to do so. This will ensure a more secure hold for your Cane Corso. In all cases, your provided a helpful instruction guide to reference and make sure you are assembling your dog crate correctly.

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