Chilean Fox Terrier Dog Breed Information – All You Need To Know

The Chilean Terrier or Chilean Fox Terrier is a canine created by crossing the Fox Terrier from British, with nearby breeds in Chile. This appealing Terrier’s history is less than 200 years, but its predecessors can be followed back to Roman times.

Fine-boned, muscular, the Chilean Terrier bears a near likeness to the smooth-coated English Fox Terrier. They are amazingly faithful to their owners, developing exceptionally solid bonds with their families. The Chilean Fox Terrier is found to be a friendly canine with fewer aggressions compared with other terriers.

Chilean Fox Terrier History

Chilean Fox Terrier Dog Breed Information All You Need To KnowThe Chilean Fox Terrier is developed during the 19th Century by traversing the British Fox Terrier with Chilean Terrier. Chilean Terrier is the first breed of dog from Chile that is also a result of a cross between two dogs, namely the Smooth Fox Terrier and the Ratonero Bodeguero Andaluz. It is a local breed that existed in Chile before the arrival of Spanish invaders. It is a smaller-sized dog standardized in the 1990’s getting recognition by the Chilean Kennel Club and few other organizations.

The Fox Terrier originated in England in the 19th Century from earlier varieties of British terriers. It was brilliant at chasing the fox and worked in Foxhound packs; that’s why it is named so. Available in two varieties, “Smooth and the Wire Fox Terriers,” it has two different lineages. The club with its name was formed in 1876. Both these breeds, “Smooth and wired,” are separately registered in the list of American Kennel Club.

Chilean Fox Terrier Characteristics

Chilean Fox Terrier is appealing in appearance, with simple-to-maintain and a short white coat, with dark and tan patches. The short, smooth hair gives this canine a well-prepped appearance. Their alert expression, finely molded faces make them highly adorable and a good family choice.

How Big to Chilean Fox Terrier Get

This hybrid breed Chilean Fox Terrier can grow to heights of between 13-15 inches. Besides, the weight ranges from 11-18 pounds or in between. They are usually smaller in size. It is an average estimate of this hybrid’s male and female counterparts.

How Long Does Chilean Fox Terrier Live

The Chilean Fox Terrier is a smaller canine with a comparatively longer life span than medium or larger-sized canines. A healthy crossover can live for almost 15 years. Good supervision and care can increase this value.

How Much Does a Chilean Fox Terrier Cost

The Chilean Fox Terrier is a designer hybrid but is available in a moderate price range. You can

see its cost from a reputable breeder or in a pet store, starting from $1000 to $1500 on average.

Chilean Fox Terrier Temperament/Personality

Exceptionally intelligent, well-adjusted, the Chilean Fox Terrier is an excellent dog with an outstanding appearance. They are known for their delicacy, sharpness, and energetic personality. Committed and faithful, they will warn of outsiders. They bond closely with their family and make excellent companions. Their insidious nature will have the entire family laughing at their tricks!

Raised with children, they will be delicate and loving with them. You can alleviate their negative tendencies with appropriate training. Socialization with individuals’ other animals is also necessary to know how to act and carry on among other creatures. Overall, this is a small mellow, and well-balanced puppy that can be pleased to go anywhere.

Caring for Chilean Fox Terrier

Chilean Fox Terrier is a highly adaptive dog with a reserved nature that doesn’t look after plenty of time and consideration. It is rather happy and contented with moderate care, love, and attention. This doggy can be the best option if you are a busy person and needs a pet with moderate caring and grooming needs.

Chilean Fox Terrier Nutrition

Feed your Chilean Fox Terrier 1.5-2 cups of dry dog diet of a good brand like Merrick Dog Food, Natural Balance Dog Food, etc. It is a zesty eater but highly active at the same time so that the food can be easily digested. However, you need to monitor its calories to avoid obesity.

How to Groom a Chilean Fox Terrier

Grooming of Chilean Fox Terrier is easy as it has a shorter coarse coat that is water-resistant. Just brushing twice a week, brushing teeth almost daily, with the weekly nail clipping, and your doggy is good to go. Use Dog Grooming Table and Dog Grooming Clippers for professional grooming, avoiding clumsiness. Moreover, it is best to bathe your puppy in a Dog Bath Tub.

Chilean Fox Terrier Activity Levels

As a Terrier breed, the Chilean Fox Terrier is highly energetic that needs plenty of exercise and agile activities daily. It loves to play around you and go on outings and adventures with you. Jogging, hiking, running chasing are this canine’s favorite activities. An hour of vigorous exercise is recommended daily in any case.

Caring for Chilean Fox Terrier

As it is a significantly active dog, it requires 30-40 minutes of overwhelming activity every day. Lack of activity or loneliness may create behavioral issues like overexcitability, barking, or hyperactivity.

Chilean Fox Terrier is a smaller-sized dog that mostly lives inside a house in your rooms. So, you must keep a Dog Potty Pads and train your doggy to remain there in case of an urge as it is a smaller puppy with a little tendency to bear extreme hot or cold weather.

Chilean Fox Terrier Health

It is difficult to say which conditions we should examine to know any health-related issues with this breed. It is because of the lack of health studies having been done on this hybrid. It is said that there are a few diseases that we can suspect to be more dominant, including eye infections, progressive retinal atrophy, and hip dysplasia.

To ensure your pet’s health, take it to a veterinary visit once a month. Stay consistent with this schedule to guarantee a healthy life span for your little doggy.

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