Goldendale Dog Breed Information – All You Need To Know

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Affectionate and sweet, Goldendale is a hybrid breed developed from the Golden Retriever and the Airedale Terrier. It is an easily groomed and highly active dog breed that can go well with first-time pet keepers. Although you better take them in their puppyhood so that they are raised with your kids and pets and coexist well.

Typically, this hybrid is gentle and mindful and enjoys playing with kids and small animal pets. It is a medium to large-sized attractive doggy with a harsh topcoat and a soft undercoat. Continue reading this article if you want to know every inch of detail regarding this wonderful hybrid.

Goldendale History

Goldendale Dog Breed Information All You Need To KnowAs a modern hybrid, Goldendale’s history is not yet documented. It is suspected that the breed was developed due to designer dog trends in the last two decades. Its parent, the Golden Retriever, has its origin in Scotland in the 1800s. It is was considered exceptionally intelligent and was used widely to retrieve waterfowl safely in its jaws from water.

The breeder named Tweedmouth bred this medium-sized intelligent dog with a sniffing prowess. In 1925, the AKC officially recognized this breed, declaring it the third most popular dog breed.

The Airedale Terrier is the largest-sized terrier-type dog that originated in the valley of the River Aire. Its progenitors are Rough-Coated Black and Tan Terrier and an Otterhound. It is also known by the names Bingley Terrier and Waterside Terrier.

The shortened form of its name is Airedale, and it was skilled in swimming and scenting; thus, it participated in various sports and assisted hunters as versatile hunters. For being the largest of terrier breeds, it is known to be the “King of Terriers.”

Goldendale Characteristics

Goldendale is a medium to large-sized attractive doggy with a harsh topcoat and a soft undercoat. The fur is wiry with a sheen. The legs are sturdy with a straight front and slightly bent hind legs. It is a muscular and well-proportioned dog that takes on a longer squarish muzzle from the Airedale Terrier parent. Read with us to know what else this hybrid inherited from its amazing dog parents.

How Big to Goldendale Get

Generally, this hybrid of medium-sized Golden Retriever and the large-sized Airedale is medium in size with an average weight of 55-60 lbs and approximate height of 20-24 inches, with females slightly smaller.

How Long Does Goldendale Live

The average life span of Goldendale is almost 10-14 years. But keep in mind proper health checkups, good quality lifestyle/environment, exercises, and a balanced diet can add few more years to this estimate.

How Much Does a Goldendale Cost

Your Goldendale may cost you $500-$1000 for a puppy. The grown-up dogs are less pricy than the smaller puppies. However, it is best to adopt the canines in their puppyhood so that you can train/socialize them well and mold them according to your lifestyle.

Goldendale Temperament/Personality

Your Goldendale is a joyful, friendly, and intelligent pup that also exhibits retrieving, working, and herding instincts. Its temperament and traits largely depend upon which side of the parent breed has dominated genes. These hybrids can be stoic, independent, and sometimes stubborn.

You need to be patient and positive during the training process to make the very best out of them. It is best to train these doggies in their puppyhoods (which have longer durations), as they tend to be more difficult to train in their youth. With the right training and socialization, Goldendale hybrid can be an excellent choice for a family dog.

Caring for Goldendale

Your Goldendale needs sufficient diet, exercise, and grooming to remain healthy and fit. It also requires training and socialization to learn how to be friendly and get along with other dogs and people. In addition, you can keep him Outdoor Dog Kennel where he is safe and gets plenty of free movement.

Goldendale Nutrition

For having two working dog parents, the Goldendale is a high-energy hybrid with parallel dietary needs. Yes, it has a bigger tummy that you can’t fill with less than 3 cups of dog food. Their daily food will costs around $2.75 to $3.00 for a commercially prepared good quality Dry Dog Food or Organic Dog Food.

How to Groom a Goldendale

Goldendale does not shed as much as a Golden Retriever but sheds a little. Bi-weekly brushing with a solid bristle Dog brush is sufficient to keep its coat free from tangles and matts. Also, trim their nails whenever needed, and you must not ignore their dental health by carrying on a tooth brushing routine.

Goldendale Activity Levels

The Goldendale possesses a high level of energy that will require 60 minutes of activity per day. The retriever parents give this doggy the art and love for swimming. It loves to play with toys such as Interactive Dog Toys, Puzzle Toys for Dogs and also enjoys obedience trials.

Caring for Goldendale

Other than your monetary investment, your pup needs your time, care, and love investment as well. It would circle you and become overwhelmed when you tap it on the back. You can make this intelligent breed learn anything with positive reinforcement.

If you have a flexible and patient nature, there’s an exact chance you will have a well-trained Goldendale that do well in all situations. It is best to keep it in spacious areas such as homes with yards though it can also cope with apartment life if provided with an outside walk daily.

Goldendale Health

The Goldendale tends to be healthier than the parent breed; still, it can inherit few ailments. These can be hip dysplasia, cataracts, boat, progressive retinal atrophy (PRA), and skin allergies.

With caring and regular veterinary checkups, your pup will remain safe from any of these mentioned diseases and will have increased longevity. Don’t overlook other necessary things which your dog needs, as mentioned in this article.

Breeds Similar to Goldendale


Best Dog Food For Goldendale

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The best dog food for Goldendale is Wellness CORE Grain-Free Reduced Fat Turkey & Chicken Recipe Dry Dog Food. This unique kibble helps your Goldendale maintain a healthy and fit weight as well as shed the extra kilos. Also, it contains protein, essential oils, vegetables, and wholesome grains to nourish your Goldendale with the adequate nutrients that it needs. 

  • The special meal helps in maintaining a healthy weight and physique 
  • Promotes lean muscle and body growth and helps maintain a healthy coat
  • It has chosen ingredients for complete wellbeing

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Best Puppy Food For Goldendale

Hill's Science Diet Puppy Healthy Development Small Bites Dry Dog Food

The best puppy food for Goldendale is Hill’s Science Diet Puppy Healthy Development Small Bites Dry Dog Food. This nourishing recipe comprises chicken and barley to give your Goldendale puppy the precise growth years. Also, it helps in promoting eye and brain development along with strengthening the immune system.  

  • It contains unique ingredients for brain and eye development
  • It has no artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives
  • Easy to digest and is not hard on the stomach

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Best Dog Crate For Goldendale

Midwest Lifestages Single Door Wire Dog Crate

The best dog crate for Goldendale is MidWest LifeStages Double Door Collapsible Wire Dog Crate. This crate has round edges and a bolt latch to guarantee complete safety for your Goldendale. Also, the double door factor permits it to fit in any space in a hassle-free manner.  

  • It is very convenient to place anywhere in the house
  • It has a divider panel to adjust size as the Goldendale grows
  • The crate comes with a plastic composite pan to maintain hygiene

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Best Dog Bed For Goldendale

BarksBar Snuggly Sleeper Orthopedic Bolster Dog Bed w/Removable Cover

The best dog bed for Goldendale is BarksBar Snuggly Sleeper Orthopedic Bolster Dog Bed w/Removable Cover, Gray. This cozy orthopedic bed is a soft and comfortable spot for your Goldendale after a long tiresome day. Also, the padding supports the back and neck while your Goldendale is asleep. 

  • It is an ideal bed that comes in various sizes
  • It is easy to clean and has removable covers
  • This bed can go along with any interior and has a neutral design

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Best Dog Harness For Goldendale

Best Pet Supplies Voyager Black Trim Mesh Dog Harness

The best dog harness for Goldendale is Best Pet Supplies Voyager Black Trim Mesh Dog Harness. This harness is comfortable and has additional padding to give your Goldendale no pain in their daily walks. The material is breathable, light in weight, and this harness is available in various sizes to perfectly fit your Goldendale.  

  • The harness has fasteners and belts to adjust the size for a good fit
  • Its fabric is light and soft that is suitable for even warm days
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