Italian Hound Breed Information – All You Need To Know

The Italian Hound, also known as Segugio Italiano, is a common hunting dog breed in Italy but rather uncommon in the rest of the world. It is not the same as Italian Greyhound and has a medium to big-sized physique with a square body frame. Although this canine has been the hunting partner for humans for a long time, it has also proven itself an excellent watchdog. 

These hounds are loyal, affectionate, and devoted to their family. They have excellent behavior with children and other pet dogs but try to keep them away from small pets like rabbits, guinea pigs, or ferrets due to their nature of hunting. This canine is also quite famous for its high-pitched voice, which it makes while hunting and In times of excitement.

Italian Hound History

Italian Hound Breed Information All You Need To KnowSegugio Italiano is believed to be a descendant of ancient primitive Egyptian hounds. There are famous art and literature histories where these hounds have appeared. They were brought to the Mitterrandian coasts by the Phoenix traders of Egypt. The Egyptian dogs were then bred with Celtic Sight Hounds and finally bred with Roman Mastiff-type dogs resulting in the Italian Hound we see today. 

These hounds had an incredible sense of sight and smell, making them the ideal hunting dog during the renaissance period when grand hunts were a popular sport. These canines hunted in packs with aristocrats riding horses through the jungle. The dogs made hunting easy by flushing out the prey for the hunters. After the mid-20th century, these dogs were more used as companions than hunters, mostly in Italy.

Italian Hound Characteristics

The Italian Hound is a medium-sized robust, and strong dog. They have a square build with dense and moderate-sized bone structures. These hounds are built for endurance and speed. They also have an excellent level of stamina that allowed them to hunt for hours without any breaks.

Segugio Italiano can have two distinct types of coats rough: and smooth. The smooth coat is long, silky, and slightly harsh, while the rough coat is short and grows up to 2 inches only. They have long and broad ears which hang down rather than being up and pointed. In addition, they have a wide black nose and almond-shaped eyes with dark brown color.

How Big Do Italian Hound Get

This dog is a medium to large-sized breed with a broad, squared body structure. Their height can range from 19 inches to 23 inches; sometimes, male canines are bigger than female ones. They can weigh anywhere between 40 lbs. to 62 lbs. (18 Kg to 28 kg); the males are usually heavier than the females.

How Long Does A Italian Hound Live

The Italian Hound is a super healthy breed and does not suffer from any dangerous disease if taken good care of. They have a strong level of endurance by which they have survived all diseases in their history. Their average life span is between 10-14 years.

How much Does A Italian Hound Cost

The Italian Hound itself will cost you around 500$ to 1500$. Yearly medical expenses will range between 280$ to 645$, depending on where you live. Its food expenses will also be above average as it is a big dog breed and consumes more food.

Italian Hound Temperament/Personality

Being hunting dogs, the Italian Hound has an unusual level of calmness in them. They are calm, gentle, and loyal to their family. In the past, they were only used for hunting, but with time, they became more of a companion than the hunter. 

The Segugio Italiano is a highly social dog because they hunt in the pack so, they love being with other dogs, and they also need human interaction daily. They make an excellent watchdog as well because they form close bonds with their family.

Caring For Italian Hound

The Italian Hound does not require high levels of grooming or maintenance as it is a healthy and calm dog breed. However, it does need a good location to live and be accompanied by other dogs or humans to remain happy and healthy. If you have a backyard, a dog house for your Hound is one of the best investments you can make for its happiness.

Italian Hound Nutrition

The Italian Hound has high levels of energy as well as a heavy body. It consumes around 2-3 cups of food daily with additional treats that need to be given regularly. Ensure you’re providing your canine a high-quality dog food made for big dogs that can provide it the essential nutrition.

How To Groom A Italian Hound

Your Italian Hound will need grooming once a week to keep the coat shiny and healthy. The smooth coat variant can be brushed with a soft bristle brush. The rough-coated variant will be brushed with a stiff brush or a metal comb. It tends to grow hair between the pads on their feet which need to be trimmed regularly to avoid irritation caused by dirt and debris. Generally, it does not have a strong odor but bathing it occasionally with a mixture of baby powder and cornstarch through its coat will remove any smell and excess oils from the coat.

Italian Hound Activity Levels

The Italian Hound was a hunter in the past, due to which it has excellent levels of stamina and durability. On average, your pup will need at least 45 minutes of activity every day to give it a healthy and long life. Before taking your Hound outside for a walk, make sure you have it on a leash as it tends to chase running squirrels or small animals in the park.

Caring For Italian Hound

The Italian Hound is a sound and healthy breed, and it does not suffer from any common ailments found in other dog breeds. However, regular checkup of the ears is necessary as it can develop ear infections. Other than that, dental cleaning and nail trimming should be a regular part of grooming and maintenance for your canine.

Italian Hound Health

There are only a few other breeds of dog that are as healthy as the Italian Hound. It does not suffer from any life-threatening disease but, it tends to develop ear infections that can be avoided by regular ear cleaning. In addition, yearly physical examinations will keep you satisfied with their health and safety.

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