Perro De Presa Canario Dog Breed Information – All You Need To Know

The Perro De Presa Canario is an amazing-looking canine with unfavorable criticism. He has been utilized as a huge game tracker and a battling canine all-around the world for a very long time. Therefore, it is certainly not the right decision to take this canine as a pet with little kids in the home for the first time.

Without any training and guidance, he can turn out to be excessively destructive. There have been reports of the Perro De Presa Canario lethally attacking grown-ups and youngsters; therefore, adopting this dog came up with many responsibilities. However, with appropriate interactions and training sessions, he can be a caring partner.

Perro De Presa Canario History

Perro De Presa Canario Dog Breed Information All You Need To KnowThe Perro De Presa Canario’s heritage traces back to the fifteenth or sixteenth century. It is thought to have mastiff canine-type ancestors that were brought to the Canary Islands by the Spanish. He was utilized as a herd keeper and to watch the fields from hunters. His heritage includes the Alanos and Iberian Presa. The Alamos is a bulldog currently extinct, while the Iberian Presa is a mastiff type canine that is very uncommon. The battling was prohibited during the 1940s, and yet today, he is still utilized in rings. This breed club was made in 1982 in the Canary Islands. In 1996, the AKC recognized him for their Foundation Stock Service, and in 2003 he was formally perceived by UKC.

Perro De Presa Canario Characteristics

He is a heavily built, strong, and enormous canine. He gives the presence of terrorizing. His nose, eye edges, and lips are dark. He has oval, medium-large eyes that can lightly shade. He has thick baggy skin around his neck and has wrinkles on his head that give him scaring look. He has short rough hair and doesn’t have an undercoat. His coat’s color includes black, dark, brindle, fawn, red, and silver.

How Big to Perro De Presa Canario Get

The average height of a male Perro De Presa Canario can be 24-26 inches and weighs around 110 to 130 pounds, while the female Perro De Presa Canario can be 22-24 inches tall and have an average weight of 83 to 110 pounds.

How Long Does Perro De Presa Canario Live

The average life span of this huge Perro De Presa Canario dog is around 9 to 11 years. However, which proper care and health checkups, you can diagnose any expected disease on time, and he can live more few years.

How Much Does a Perro De Presa Canario Cost

The average cost of Perro De Presa Canario’s per puppy is $1,500 to $2,500. And for the trained dog, it must be around $3,000.

Perro De Presa Canario Temperament/Personality

Perro De Presa Canario is an adoptive dog who can adjust in apartments if given proper exercise time. He is not suitable for kids around because he’s supposed to be an aggressive dog, but if he’s grown up with kids, it would be a pleasant experience.

You can easily train him in his early years by giving him Jerky Treats for Dogs during training sessions. Unfortunately, he’s not friendly with other pets. This canine barks occasionally when a stranger came around.

Overall, this dog is intelligent, playful, well-behaved with his family, and loves to play games. It’s better to have an apartment with a fenced yard so he can run and play freely. This dog is known for its minimal shedding and is not hypo-allergic. It’s a low-maintenance canine, and you can Dog Bath Tub while showering him.

Caring for Perro De Presa Canario

This muscular canine needs a lot of indoor activities to stay healthy and active. You have to extra care of his dental health and use Toothbrushes for Dogs which his veteran has recommended.

Perro De Presa Canario Nutrition

Perro De Presa Canario will need 3 cups of best quality Organic Dog Food divided into portions. His daily food costs around $1.50 to $1.90, and monthly food consumption will cost you $39.00 to $52.00. So make sure to invest a good amount to buy a high-quality diet as it promotes your dog’s health and fitness.

How to Groom a Perro De Presa Canario

The dog Perro De Presa Canario is exceedingly easy to groom. It needs brushing or bathing only when trapped dust. However, the bathing must be after a long interval as compared to brushing. As a large dog, you don’t have to trim its nails, and they will be filed on their own when the dog walks.

Perro De Presa Canario Activity Levels

Perro De Presa Canario is highly intelligent active and needs physical and mental stimulation. These traits lead to a dog that is very easy to train. Your doggy will be enjoying obedience trials and the training process as it loves to do various tasks. Positive reinforcement is essential for training.

Caring for Perro De Presa Canario

Perro De Presa Canario is an adaptable canine that can thrive in all sorts of climatic conditions, but it is not the dog to live in smaller homes or apartments. It needs a back fence yard in any case for its massive size and energy. He is not fond of other animals, especially males; however, good socialization can change this habit.

He needs daily walks or much playtime in a large, fenced yard to burn off excess energy. Regular ear cleaning with Dog Ear Cleaners is an important part of grooming to prevent yeast infections, and brushing teeth must also be ensured.

Perro De Presa Canario Health

Perro De Presa Canario is prone to various health concerns, including Elbow Dysplasia, Panosteitis, Hip Dysplasia, Osteochondritis Dissecans, Entropion, Demodectic Mange, Epilepsy, Bloat, Ear infections, Hypothyroidism, and ACL Tears. A regular visit to the vet can help reduce the risks of these ailments and cure them as early as possible.

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