Schnorgi Dog Breed Information – All You Need To Know

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The Schnorgi is a cross between the Corgi and the Miniature Schnauzer. Both of these are working-class dogs that need a certain degree of consistency in their lifestyles. If you have a settled and positive house, you probably won’t find a better addition to your family.

They are loyal and lovable. Furthermore, they are easily manageable, as you will soon learn in the next few paragraphs.

Schnorgi History

Schnorgi Dog Breed Information All You Need To KnowWe can’t say for sure what the Schnorgi is or what it will look like. However, we can understand this doggie by looking at the history of its parents. The parents of the Schnorgi are both pretty much the same when it comes to functionality. The Schnauzer is a German dog that was used for exterminating other pests and vermin. Considering its purpose and capabilities, it remained a dog for the Working class people.

The Corgi Cattle Dog is a multitalented dog that was prominent throughout Europe. According to experts, the Corgi has Keeshond, Pomeranian, Swedish Vallhund, and Schipperkes. The Corgi has been employed as a companion, herding and extermination purposes. The dog was divided into the Welsh and Pembroke versions based on their roles and appearance. Currently, the Corgi has a global fan base.

Schnorgi Characteristics

The appearance of the Schnorgi is not static. The different appearances of the parents manifest in it based on the dominating genes. Generally, the size remains small irrespective of genes because both parents are small. The Schnorgi may be slightly longer than its height. Eyes for the Schnorgi are generally almond-shaped and sometimes round. The muscle definition of the Schnorgi is minimal. The Schnorgi will also have a short or, at best medium length muzzle, with whiskers.

How Big do Schnorgi Get

The Schnorgi is a small doggie with two small parents. It is a convenient lap dog. The height range for both males and females of this breed is 10 to 14 inches. The weight ranges for males and females depend on what you give your doggie to eat. Ideally, the weight should remain between 15 to 35 lbs.

How Long Does Schnorgi Live

Numerous variables govern the lifespan of the Schnorgi. Factoring all of the variables in, we can’t put a fixed for the lifespan. Normally considering its parents, we would say it can live anywhere between 12 and 15 years of age. However, with the right care, it will exceed the 15-year limit. 

How Much Does a Schnorgi Cost

Forget about the price; even finding a breeder with the Schnorgi is hard. You will have to look carefully and thoroughly for breeders with this canine. Try to avoid shady backyard breeders as much as possible. If you still want a rough price guideline, expect it to stay between 300 and 700 dollars. 

Schnorgi Temperament/Personality

The Schnorgi is an excellent companion dog. We haven’t received a lot of complaints against it for any sort of bad behavior. Normally you should be able to handle it easily. However, it is a bit needy and requires productive interactions to survive. It may be a bit territorial if not socialized properly. Their small size makes them a liability around children since they may be hurt unintentionally.

Training them should be a walk in the park for experienced people. Even people with no experience should be able to train them if they understand the basics of training this dog. You can start training it from an early age without any problems. Using a Dog Training Book for guidance is highly recommended.

Caring for Schnorgi

There are some vital things that every doggie needs. The following section will highlight all of those needs to allow you to make the best decisions for your tiny Schnorgi.

Schnorgi Nutrition

The Schnorgi is a small dog and needs about one cup of food. Giving it more food is not recommended, because they can gain excessive weight. You will have to double the effort in making it lose weight, which hardly proves successful. So please don’t give it more food than the required amount.

How to Groom a Schnorgi

The coat of the Schnorgi is slightly problematic to deal with. It also sheds a lot. You will have to brush it every day to reduce the chances of knotting and excess hair lying around the house. You may also want to use a Vacuum for Dog Hair to get those pesky hairs from problematic corners. You should also bathe the Schnorgi once per month. Commonly people disregard dental health. You have to brush their teeth to keep their dental health in check.

Schnorgi Activity Levels

The Schnorgi is an active dog when compared to other Schnauzer mixes. You will have to give it at least an hour of exercise daily. What if you don’t give it the right exercise? Well, you can just forget about seeing it happy then. It will grow restless and self-destructive. In short, please give it its exercise.

Caring for Schnorgi

There are a few things that you have to be careful about. The first thing is the fragile stature of the Schnorgi. Handling it the wrong way could lead to a lot of problems. You have to be careful about carrying it. Another thing that you should be careful about is transportation. If you want to take it in a car, then use a Dog Car Seat. It will save both you and your doggie the trouble of traffic accidents.

The small size of the Schnorgi also makes it prone to bullying. You may find big birds of prey picking on your tiny, cute doggie. Supervising it is vital to keep it safe from unfortunate situations. You also have to understand that keeping the Schnorgi in an open yard is the worst mistake you could make. You have to keep it inside of the house and, as such, need to give it the right Dog Bed.

Schnorgi Health

Compared to other Schnauzer mixes, the Schnorgi is by far the healthiest. The only conditions that tend to be a problem for this doggie are Glaucoma, PRA, and Hip Dysplasia. So, what does it take to save your doggie? What does it take to keep it healthy? It’s easy. You just have to give it good food and take it to the vet’s office once per month. At the vet, ask for detailed information regarding any specific allergies and deficiencies. You should also look into the use of Pro-Biotics for Dogs by consulting with your vet.

Breeds Similar to Schnorgi


Best Dog Food For Schnorgi

Taste Of The Wild Pacific Stream Canine Recipe Dog Food

The best dog food for Schnorgi is Taste of the Wild Pacific Stream Grain-Free Dry Dog Food. This excellent dog food is a perfect balance of all the nutrients required by your Schnorgi. Formulated with ingredients such as real smoked salmon, peas, and sweet potatoes, it guarantees to provide a lifetime of good health to your Schnorgi.

  • Consists of antioxidants from fresh fruits, which help in building a strong immune system.
  • Chelated minerals ensure to absorb the maximum amount of vital nutrients, and omega fatty acids maintain healthy skin and fur.
  • Made in the states after years of research and is free from any artificial products.

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Best Puppy Food For Schnorgi

Purina Pro Plan Sensitive Skin & Stomach Salmon & Rice Formula Puppy Dry Dog Food

The best puppy food for Schnorgi is Purina Pro Plan Puppy Sensitive Skin and Stomach Salmon and Rice Dry Dog Food. This outstanding puppy food has been crafted with nutritious ingredients such as salmon, rice, and fish oils and is made in a way to be sensitive to your Schnorgi’s stomach. It guarantees to start your Schnorgi’s early development and provide it health benefits.

  • Provides a completely balanced diet.
  • Consists of sunflower oil which provides omega-6 fatty acids for healthy skin and fur.
  • Consists of DHA from fish oil which nourishes the brain and vision.

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Best Dog Crate For Schnorgi

Midwest Ovation Single Door Collapsible Wire Dog Crate

The best dog crate for Schnorgi is MidWest Ovation Single Door Collapsible Wire Dog Crate. This dog crate lets your Schnorgi live comfortably while you are out due to its good airflow system. It is built with sturdy wires and features all the features needed for a comfortable stay. 

  • Lets a good amount of air to pass, which helps in giving your Schnorgi a comfortable stay.
  • Consists of a garage-style door that is easy to open and close.
  • Features a carrying handle, sidle bolt latches, and a leak-proof tray.

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Best Dog Bed For Schnorgi

Best Friends By Sheri Lux Fur Bolster Cat & Dog Bed

The best dog bed for Schnorgi is Best Friends by Sheri Calming Lux Fur Donut Cuddler Bolster Dog Bed. This dog bed is built in a way to let your Schnorgi sleep comfortably as it curls itself up. Not only does it feel comfortable to sleep on, but it also provides health benefits.

  • The donut shape helps your Schnorgi to stay comfortable while sleeping.
  • This bed is made from non-toxic materials and features a water-resistant base.
  • Made with soft faux fur and is easily washable.

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Best Dog Harness For Schnorgi

Best Pet Supplies Voyager Black Trim Mesh Dog Harness

The best dog harness for Schnorgi is Best Pet Supplies Voyager Black Trim Mesh Dog Harness. This extra comfortable harness is built in a way to provide your Schnorgi with the perfect fit. Not only does it feel comfortable, but it also looks stylish while your go for walks!

  • The ultra-plush panels make it comfortable to wear the harness.
  • It is easy to step in, and the multi-adjustment points help in giving the best fit to your Schnorgi.
  • The quick-release buckle and durable fastener help in providing the best security to your Schnorgi.

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