5 Best Dog Beds for Mastiffs (Reviews Updated 2022)

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You love your Mastiff, but the last place you want this giant pooch snoozing is in your bed.  So, if you haven’t already bought one, now may be the time to invest in a great place for your Mastiff to lay around, sleep and of course, snore.  Because of their large size and health considerations, it’s important to get the right bed for your Mastiff, so he can happily laze the day away safely and comfortably.

Best Dog Bed for Mastiffs

Here are our dog bed for Mastiffs reviews.

1. Big Barker 7” Pillow Top Orthopedic Dog Bed

Big Barker 7 Pillow Top Orthopedic Dog Bed For Large And Extra Large Breed Dogs (headrest Edition)

The Big Barker 7” Pillow Top Orthopedic Dog Bed is the ultimate in comfort for your giant Mastiff.  This super thick therapeutic foam bed will not flatten over time thanks to its unique middle support layer.

  • Calibrated for large and giant dogs
  • 100% microfiber cover is easy to clean
  • Available in four neutral colors
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2. Furhaven Pet Dog Bed

Furhaven Pet Dog Bed Ergonomic Contour Lounger & Therapeutic Sofa Style Living Room Couch & Pet Be

The Furhaven Pet Dog Bed is a premium ergonomic contour lounger for large dogs.  The contour provides six inches of foam of at the center and eight inches on the edges.  This bed provides superior orthopedic support for the neck, back and hips.

  • Jumbo Plus size is best for Mastiffs
  • Microvelvet fabric cover is removable for easy cleaning
  • Medical grade solid foam
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3. Kuranda Dog Bed

Kuranda Dog Bed Chewproof All Aluminum (silver) Indoor Outdoor Elevated Bite Proof Easy

The Kuranda Dog Bed is a super durable elevated dog bed with a lightweight, aircraft grade aluminum frame and heavy-duty vinyl fabric.  This is a great option if your Mastiff is rough on his belongings or loves to chew.

  • Easy to clean and dries quickly
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Fleece sleeping pad sold separately
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4. Friends Forever Orthopedic Dog Bed

Friends Forever Orthopedic Dog Bed Lounge Sofa Removable Cover 100% Suede 2.5 5 Mattress Memory F

The Friends Forever Orthopedic Dog Bed is a premium sofa-bed style lounger with a 100% suede removable cover that is also hair, water and tear-resistant.  The five-inch memory foam has cushioned poly-fill bolsters for a luxury sleep every night.

  • Water-resistant liner
  • Mastiffs will need the XXL Jumbo size
  • Available in four neutral colors
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5. The Dog’s Bed Orthopedic Dog Bed

The Dog’s Bed Orthopedic Dog Bed, Premium Memory Foam S Xxxl, Waterproof, Dog Pain Relief For Arthritis

The Dog’s Bed Orthopedic Dog Bed is a premium memory foam XXL bed that is designed for large dogs predisposed to joint issues, such as Mastiffs.  This bed provides pain relief from arthritis and hip dysplasia or can be used as a preventative bed for younger dogs.

  • 2” orthopedic memory foam over 4” support foam
  • Waterproof mattress protector and removable cover
  • Variety of colors available
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Dog Bed for Mastiffs Buyer’s Guide

Choosing a dog bed for your Mastiff is an important investment, since your dog will spend a significant amount of time lounging or sleeping on it.  While premium beds for extra-large dogs are often more expensive, it is well worth the extra money to buy a large bed made with quality materials.  Cheaper beds will quickly sag or flatten, tear at the seams or fray.  Not only does that mean an uncomfortable sleep for your pup, it is a waste of money for you.

Our buying guide reviews the best dog beds for Mastiffs on the market so you can choose the right dog bed for your Mastiff.  The following features are included on most dog beds and will help you to choose which features you need for your Mastiff’s bed.

Support and Comfort

Regular dog beds will not suffice for your Mastiff’s size and weight.  Regular foam or stuffing will flatten, leaving your dog essentially laying on the floor.  A proper support system is ideally a thick (at least five inches) orthopedic mattress, with either medical grade or memory foam.  Proper support is essential over time, especially as Mastiffs are prone to having joint issues. A memory foam topper will add extra comfort for your dog.  Other options are steel frame support beds with nylon that provide support and raise your Mastiff up off the floor.


Another important consideration is the material of the bed.  It needs to be easy-to-clean, since your Mastiff will spend a lot of time drooling and shedding on it.  A nylon, microfiber or other smooth cover that can be removed and machine washed is best.  The material should also be able to withstand a certain amount of wear and tear from your Mastiff’s teeth and nails, so make sure the material is high quality nylon or tight-knit fabric.

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