5 Best Dog Toys for Huskies (Reviews Updated 2024)

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Do you have a Husky that loves to shred their toys, making finding sturdy ones a pain and expensive beyond belief? . There are many types of Husky dog toys out there for you to choose from, such as dental toys, treat dispensers, tug ropes and regular chew toys. Below I will list the top five recommended dog toys for Huskies for your to peruse through. Underneath each item will be a short description and a list of three positives that item has going for it.

Best Dog Toys for Huskies

Here are our husky dog toy reviews.

1. Benebone Wishbone Dog Toy

Benebone Real Flavor Wishbone Dog Chew Toy, Made In Usa

The Benebone Wishbone is made durable and strong for even the most determined of power chewers like German Shepherds and Huskies. It comes in one of three flavors, each is made with real ingredients, bacon, peanut and chicken flavoring. It is designed to be easy for your do got maneuver for a good chew.

  • Durable materials make it great for Huskies, German Shepherds, and Labradors
  • Comes in flavors of bacon, chicken and peanut and made with all natural flavoring
  • Easy to shift and chew on for your pup
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2. StarMark Bob-A-Lot Interactive Dog Toy

Starmark Bob A Lot Interactive Dog Toy

The StarMark Bob-A-Lot is made with power chewers and other destructive dog breeds in mind, with the sturdy materials this toy is perfect for Huskies. You put food or treats into the toy and it bobs around, feeding you pup while exercising them. The openings on the top and bottom are adjustable for most dog food types.

  • Perfect for power chewers, sturdy toy
  • Toy exercises your pup while feeding them, holds up to three cups of food
  • Openings are adjustable to allow most types of dog food to be used
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3. Arm & Hammer Gorilla Dental Chew Dog Toy

Arm & Hammer Super Treadz Gorilla And Gator Dental Chew Toys For Dogs

The Arm & Hammer Gorilla Dental Chew toy is made from the highest quality materials for a sturdy and safe you for your Huskies. The toy is baking soda infused, freshening their breath and removing plaque and tartar build up. It is dishwasher safe, making it easy and quick to clean when needed.

  • Best materials are used for the safety of your dog
  • Baking soda freshens breath while removing excess plaque around teeth
  • Dishwasher safe makes for an easy clean for busy pet owners
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4. Jalousie 5 Pack Squeaky Dog Toys

Jalousie 5 Pack Dog Squeaky Toys Three No Stuffing Toy And Two Plush With Stuffing

The Jalousie 5 Pack Squeaky Dog Toys include toys that look like a skunk, duck, raccoon, monkey and a wolf. Three have no stuffing while the other to do, all of them have three squeakers each. They are made from quality materials, allowing your Husky to play and be safe while they do.

  • A variety of designs for one low price
  • Three with no stuffing, two with stuffing for your dog’s choice of toy
  • Quality materials are used to ensure your dog’s safety while they play
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5. EETOYS Dog Chew Toy

Eetoys Dog Chew Toys For Aggressive Chewers

The EETOYS Dog Chew Toy is designed to be sturdy enough for even the most determined of chewers, even Huskies have difficulty destroying this toy. The bone is made from high quality nylon, non toxic for your dogs safety while being nearly indestructible. It has a lifetime replacement guarantee for if your pup chews it up.

  • Made for even the strongest of power chewers
  • High Quality nylon is used for its durable and tough quality
  • Lifetime replacement guarantee, great for if your dog does manage to chew through it
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Husky Dog Toys Buyers Guide

Above are the top five dog toys I would recommend for your Husky, or any type of power chewing dog that you may have. As you can see, some of them are tug toys while others are interactive ones. These are only five of the many different toys out there for your pup to explore. There are many types of Husky dog toys and each have their own purposes. Below I will go over some of the different features or types of toys there are for you to choose from.


These are a favorite for most Husky dogs, as you can  play fetch or in some cases they can have treats put inside them. The treat dispenser ones you need to watch your Husky pup closely while you play with them to ensure no parts are broken off as they are choking hazards.


Not many things are better than an old fashioned game of tug rope for your Husky. No matter what size or age, most Husky dogs love to play with this toy. If you don’t have a rope you can also use old and holey socks, obviously wash them first, and tie them together to make a makeshift rope.

Chew Toys

These are especially good for Husky puppies as they are hitting their teething stage. The more durable the toy, the longer it will last. When buying a chew toy be sure to check the materials used as some of them, when broken off from the toy and swallowed, are hazardous or choking hazards.

Dental Chews

I’m sure that everyone who owns a Husky has been woken up by a big sloppy kiss and horrific breath from their pup. Dental chews are nice because your dog will be happy with their toy while unknowingly freshening their breath and strengthening their teeth.

Dog Puzzles

These are puzzles made especially for Husky dogs or puppies. It is said that if a Husky puppy uses these puzzles then they grow up to be smarter or better at solving problems.

Stuffed Toys

Stuffed toys, while they are sometimes cute and cuddly, are a bit more difficult as most Husky dogs like to shred them. In some cases, your pup will be content to leave the toy in one piece as to cuddle it better but if you are getting a stuffed toy for a chewer then prepare yourself for the inevitable.

Squeak Toys

I don’t know what it is about these toys, but they seem to be the universal favorite for dogs everywhere. All you have to do is give it a light squeeze and your Husky dog is in playtime overdrive and wiggling away. These toys are great, but you need to watch if your dog manages to get the squeakers out as they are a choking hazard.

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