5 Best Dog Toys for Rat Terriers (Reviews Updated 2024)

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The social receptiveness of Rat Terriers makes them quite easy to train, and they can quickly adapt to a new location for a lot of people. Since they are quite active physically and alert mentally, they also require regular activities for mental stimulation. By involving them in exercises outdoors and dog toys when indoors helps them remain engaged and does not feel lonely.

Are you planning to buy dog toys for your Rat Terrier? We are glad to review the best dog toys for Rat Terriers.

Best Dog Toys for Rat Terriers

Here are our dog toys for Rat Terriers reviews.

1. KONG Floppy Knots Dog Toy

Kong Floppy Knots Dog Toy

For the release of extra energy, introduce your Rat Terrier to KONG Floppy Knots Dog Toy. It is in the form of a bunny that has a floppy design. It has internal knots, which helps in chewing and relieving stress and enhances lots of fun.

  • Squeaky and helps in noise stimulation
  • Long hours of play and fetch
  • Minimal filling

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2. Multipet Lamb Chop Squeaky Plush Dog Toy

Multipet Lamb Chop Squeaky Plush Dog Toy

The Multipet Lamb Chop Squeaky Plush Dog Toy is appropriate for your Rat Terrier and will instantly build up engagement. It is fun for a game of fetch, and also its squeaking feature brings excitement. It is very soft and has quite a few sizes as per your requirement.

  • The standard character of a bunny
  • Perfect for cuddling
  • Ideal for playing, chewing or fetching

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3. Nylabone Teething Rings Puppy Chew Toy

Nylabone Puppy Chew Teething Rings Dog Toy

If you are looking for a teething toy for your Rat Terrier, the Nylabone Teething Rings Puppy Chew Toy is apt. It is safe for chewing and relieves gum pain due to teething. The material helps in oral hygiene and also builds up the bond with parents playing with it.

  • Encourages healthy chewing
  • Discourages destructive behavior
  • Maintains fresh breath

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4. Petlou Colossals Rabbit Plush Dog Toy

Petlou Colossals Rabbit Plush Dog Toy

The Petlou Colossals Rabbit Plush Dog Toy is relevant for playing fetch or a tug-of-war game with your Rat Terrier. It has internal squeakers for extra fun and excitement. The fabric is smooth and helps in active engagement. It is perfect for snuggling and helps in calming them down after a long hard working day.

  • Encourages mental stimulation
  • Attractive colors and light in weight
  • Soft and non-toxic material

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5. USA Bones & Chews Cotton Rope with Hooves Dog Toy

Usa Bones & Chews Cotton Rope With Hooves Dog Toy

Providing comprehensive support for healthy chewing, the USA Bones & Chews Cotton Rope with Hooves Dog Toy is apt for your Rat Terrier. The absence of sharp edges minimizes health hazards and is appropriate for a pulling game with other companions. These encourage interactions and also keep gums and teeth healthy.

  • Maintains oral care
  • No usage of chemicals or artificial colors
  • Ideal for discouraging destructive chewing
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Dog Toys For Rat Terriers Buyer’s Guide

Being a pet parent to a Rat Terrier, you must be aware that they require regular involvement in activities that help in physical as well as mental development. Dog toys help them to relax, recreate, and reduce boredom. In case of destructive chewing or teething pain, dog toys relieve stress and anxiety, respectively. However, purchasing a dog toy requires a lot of thinking processes.

Let us discuss the factors that need considering while choosing a dog toy for Rat Terriers.


It is one of the most primary factors while purchasing a product. Decide on a budget before initiating the purchase of a dog toy for your terrier. A lot of varieties are available, ranging from different prices. You can also avail the various offers that the seller provides with the purchases.


It is crucial to choose a dog toy’s proper size for your Rat Terrier to avoid any unfortunate incidents. Ensure that the size does not have any possibility of choking hazards amidst playing. Choosing a more significant volume of the toy is advisable so that they do not swallow. The size of the toy should also depend on the age of your Rat Terrier. It should be of a size visible for a distance and encourages your Rat Terrier to engage in playing.


Chewing toys: These are one of the most popular ones among pet owners for their Rat Terriers. Healthy chewing releases endorphins and helps in relieving stress and calming them down. It also helps in minimizing pain due to teething in puppies. Some chewing toys encourage oral hygiene by keeping the gums secure and breath fresh.

As the name suggests, interactive toys are for playing together with your Rat Terrier as a company. These toys are in the shape of ropes and balls, which are perfect for fetching or a tug-of-war. Playing as partners helps in strengthening the bond and minimizes destructive behavior as it acts as a distraction. These are appropriate for command training your Rat Terriers.

Plush toys: These are mostly in the form of stuffed animals and attractive characters. They also have squeakers in them for mental growth and noise stimulation. Minimal filling in them will make less mess if your Rat Terrier is changing behavior. It distracts them from damaging other household furniture and is ideal for snuggling during sleep time.


Ensuring that the dog toys you choose for your Rat Terrier is safe, is an important responsibility. The material of the toys must not have any harmful chemicals and toxic substances in it. Avoid buying sharp-edged toys, which may be risky while playing. You also must make sure that there are no small parts or extensions attached to prevent choking.


Other than just providing engagement of your Rat Terrier, dog toys should also be multi-functional. They must be easy to carry, light in weight, squeaky and attractive so that they urge the Rat Terriers to involve in activities. Dog toys must be safe so that there are the least risks in case not under supervision. They help in mental stimulation, which is a necessity for Rat Terriers.

It is also essential to train your Rat Terriers from a young age to engage with playthings so that they can entertain themselves in your absence.

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