5 Best Dog Training Books for Maltese (Reviews Updated 2024)

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There are so many things to know about raising a happy and healthy Maltese dog.  From providing a proper diet, to getting enough exercise, to grooming that luxurious coat.  If only there was a resource that could help you figure it all out!  Well, of course, there is.  Choosing a great training book for your Maltese pup will help you navigate your relationship with your Maltese immensely, especially in the early years.  A dog training book for Maltese should be current, thorough and easy to read.

Best Dog Training Book for Maltese

Here are our dog training book for Maltese reviews.

1. Maltese – Complete Pet Owner’s Manual

Maltese (complete Pet Owner's Manual) Paperback – July 1, 2015

The Maltese Complete Pet Owner’s Manual is a thorough resource for you to have on hand.  Barrons is known for its comprehensive pet manuals, which cover everything from training to health and feeding.

  • Written for inexperienced or prospective Maltese owners
  • Authors Joe Fulda and Betsy Sikora-Siino
  • Originally published by Barrons in 2006, updated in 2015
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2. Teacup Maltese and Teacup Maltese Dogs

Teacup Maltese And Teacup Maltese Dogs From Teacup Maltese Puppies To Teacup Maltese Dogs Includes

This Teacup Maltese and Teacup Maltese Dogs resource book is a handy all-inclusive book that covers everything from your Maltese’ temperament, to feeding and travel.  This book is perfect for everyone from new Maltese pet parents to seasoned owners.

  • Written by Maltese expert Susanne Saben
  • Tips and tricks for all ages and stages and cross-breeds
  • Available in paperback or Kindle edition
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3. The Complete Owner’s Manual to Maltese Dogs

Maltese. The Complete Owners Manual To Maltese Dogs. Complete Manual For Care, Costs, Feeding, Groom

The Complete Owner’s Manual to Maltese Dogs is an essential resource for you, as it covers all aspects of your pup’s life, along with your feeding, grooming and training responsibilities.  This comprehensive   was written by dog lover George Hoppendale and dog whisperer Asia Moore.

  • Complete coverage from birth to end of life
  • Paperback or digital versions available
  • Published in 2014
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4. Maltese Dog Training and Behavior Understanding Book

New Improved Maltese Dog Training And Behavior Understanding Book Paperback – March 28, 2013

The Maltese Dog Training and Behavior Understanding Book has been revised and updated in this new, improved edition.  This helpful resource will help you understand all the quirky and unique sides to your Maltese’ personality.

  • Includes special sections on oral hygiene and puppy teeth
  • Behavior training includes crate training, unwanted jumping and more
  • Published in 2013
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5. Maltese Smart Owner’s Guide

Maltese (smart Owner's Guide) Paperback – March 22, 2011

The Maltese Smart Owner’s Guide is a durable hardcover book with a handy online component included.  Created by the editors at Dog Fancy Magazine, this book covers obedience training and solving potential unwanted behaviors.

  • Easy-to-read primer for new Maltese owners
  • Illustrated with color photographs
  • Published in 2011
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Dog Training Book for Maltese Buyer’s Guide

Having a great resource on hand will help you in your journey as a Maltese pet parent.  This adorable breed has many unique requirements when it comes to everything from grooming its long, silky fur to training specific behaviors.  There are many things you will want to get right and finding information you can trust is key.  A good quality resource will be essential, as trustworthy information can sometimes be hard to find.  Ideally, the book you choose should be recent, up-to-date and revised regularly to ensure accuracy.  Many publishers now offer both online and hard copy versions of their books, so you can choose the one that fits your lifestyle best.

Our buying guide reviews the best dog training books for Maltese dogs on the market, so you can choose the right one.  The following considerations should be made when choosing a dog training book for Maltese dogs and will help you to choose which one you need.

Comprehensive and Thorough

When choosing a dog training book for your Maltese, you should ensure it covers every aspect of training and raising your pup that you need.  Ideally, this includes feeding at different stages, potential health issues, behavior training and aging healthy.  Maltese are notorious for certain behaviors, such as barking and jumping up on people, so ensure there is a complete section on how to solve those discipline problems.  Maltese also have specific grooming requirements, so a detailed section on the brushes and combs you will need will be helpful.

All Ages and Stages

The most comprehensive guides will cover all your Maltese’ ages and stages, including from finding the right breeder, to bringing puppy home, to special considerations for your aging Maltese.  Each stage will bring new challenges and responsibilities for you, so it is important to have a training guide that covers all aspects of his upbringing.  As your Maltese ages, you will need to be well-versed in the potential dental issues and joint issues that could develop, as these are common problems in your Maltese pup.

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