Irish Mastiff Dog Breed Information – All You Need To Know

Irish Mastiff is a cross between two of the biggest dogs today; The Irish Wolfhound and the Mastiff, which also goes by the name of English Mastiff. This dog is calm, easygoing, and gentle, but they can also have a stubborn side, which arises during training or when they are not handled well. 

These canines are best for families that are laidback or families looking for a guard dog that isn’t aggressive towards everyone. These big dogs are good at being guard dogs because of their massive size; they can weigh up to 100 Lbs.’ and reach heights of up to 36 inches. 

Irish Mastiff History

Irish Mastiff Dog Breed Information All You Need To KnowIrish Mastiffs result from crossing two giant ancient dogs; The Mastiffs are believed to have been depicted in paintings that date back to 2500 BC. These dogs were people’s favorite back in the day, so their population grew, but it took a hit due to WW1 and WW2. But efforts were made by people who imported puppies from the USA and Canada to rehabilitate this breed, and it worked. 

The Irish Wolfhound is another ancient breed; these dogs are believed to have their origin somewhere around 391 AD. Hunters used these agile canines for hunting large animals, including bears, elk, and the animal they were named after; The Irish Wolf.

Irish Mastiff Characteristics

The Irish Mastiff’s appearance usually differs a lot from dog to dog. Some are fuzzy and hairy like the Irish Wolfhound parent, while others have a short and bristly coat of Mastiffs. Some of them have the classic wrinkles of the English Mastiff on their faces, while others don’t.

This variation depends on which parent breed dominates in the cross so, you never know what your puppy might look like. But the good news is that; No matter which breed they take after, these graceful pups are guaranteed to be adorable. They have large heads with slightly longer muzzles than the English Mastiff and almond-shaped, dark brown eyes.

How Big Do Irish Mastiff Get

These massive dogs are as big as it can get. The males have an average height of around 31 – 36 inches and weigh as much as 180lbs. The females are comparatively smaller, with an average height of 29 – 34 inches and have an average weight of 105 – 165lbs.

How Long Does an Irish Mastiff Live

The great size of the Irish Mastiff usually takes a toll on their health and can shorten their lifespan significantly. They have an average lifespan of 8 – 12 years. You can ensure that they live to their fullest by taking good care and using the right kinds of product to ensure their ease.

How much Does an Irish Mastiff Cost

Irish Mastiffs are special dogs, and they won’t come cheap. If you are thinking of adding one to your family, expect to pay at least $1000 for a puppy. But that’s just the start; you’ll have to pay extra for medical expenses, Kennels, and a fence (if you’re keeping them outside). 

Irish Mastiff Temperament/Personality

Irish Mastiffs are smart, loyal, and laidback. These calm canines are intelligent enough to understand most of your commands and get trained well. Still, they are not as intelligent as other breeds like the Aussie Doodle. These big boys are usually quite chill and laid back, which means that they won’t need a lot of your time to stay happy.

 But they will surely enjoy lazing around with you all day long. With that being said, don’t think that you can just leave them alone for the whole day because this leads to self-destructive behavior, like chewing on furniture. So, if you don’t want to buy dog furniture covers, ensure that you’re spending adequate time with your big buddy.

Caring for Irish Mastiff

Every dog deserves to be loved and cared for, and the Irish Mastiff is no exception. These mellow pooches don’t need a lot of attention as compared to other breeds, but there are a few things that you should keep in mind to take proper care of these cheerful pups. Continue reading to find out more. 

Irish Mastiff Nutrition

Irish Mastiffs are huge, so they require a lot of food to maintain their incredible mass. But this doesn’t mean that you should feed them as much as they can eat; this can lead to obesity, which is detrimental for them as they already suffer joint problems due to their weight. Feeding these canines Four cups of premium kibble daily is a good place to start. 

How to Groom an Irish Mastiff

The Irish Mastiff usually adopts the simple short coat of the English Mastiff that makes grooming them quite easy and manageable. Brushing them with a curry or slicker brush helps control their shedding and ensures that the oils produced by their scalps are distributed all across their coats. If your pup inherits a wiry coat, you may have to perform stripping using a stripping comb. 

Irish Mastiff Activity Levels

Irish Mastiffs are lazy couch potatoes that would rather binge Netflix with you than going out for some physical activity. But this makes it even more important to get them to work out to live a healthy life. It’s not necessary to take them on long walks; a 30-minute walk with some playtime is sufficient to get them the required stimulation necessary. 

Caring for Irish Mastiff

Irish Mastiffs are prone to obesity, so it is important to ensure that you are not overfeeding them. This can be tricky because sometimes most of us feed our pups treat, and we lose count of how much we’ve already fed them. On the other hand, ensure that you check the folds on their face if they inherit them. Ticks and mites can easily make home beneath these folds and cause infections. 

Irish Mastiff Health

As a big dog, the Irish Mastiff experiences several health issues throughout its life. These include Hip and Elbow Dysplasia, Bloating, Heart Conditions, Osteosarcoma, Wobbler’s Syndrome, Eye Diseases and Disorders, Hypothyroidism, Urolithiasis, and Portosystemic Shunts.

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